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This mod simply replaces Dancing Kelly as TIM. It's not a serious mod, but more of a crazy request someone had and which I said why not?

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This mod simply replaces Dancing Kelly as TIM. It's not a serious mod nor tries it to be, so if you do not like it, just skip it. I do not take requests, but sometimes people suggest crazy and meme ideas and if I feel like it, I will do them like it was this case. Idea comes from cluckendip who wished for it for her own Dick Shepard Youtube series.


This mod REQUIRES to be installed with the latest Mass Effect Mod Manager version by Mgamerz. 6.3 is REQUIRED. Make sure you let it update to the latest build after installation, in order to make sure the mod can be correctly installed.The mod is in DLC form, so its installation is as simple as drag and drop the .7z file into the Mod Manager and let it work its magic.


Use the Mod Manager to remove the mod. Savegames aren't dependent of it, so it can be mostly safely removed and/or added at any point during your game. Just remember ALOT's instructions if you are also using that mod.

Known Issues

None. As far as I see, no mod touches Kelly's romance. Won't be compatible with MEUITM BLUR mesh (it will show his original mesh)


05/19/2021 -  Original Public Release


You may contact me through the Nexus Forums.

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The mod is provided as is. By downloading and installing it you decide to use it at your own risk. Incompatibilities produced by installation on pirated copies of the game will not be assisted, as well as those installations over an ALOT modified game.
You may use this mod as you wish but I kindly ask you to credit me for my work.
Please, do not re-host this file without my explicit permission.