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About this mod

This mod acts much like a third party trainer program or using console commands but does not require any third party software to use. Highlights include, infinite ammo, soldier class weapons for all characters, allows you to add paragon level, renegade level, credits, talent points, resources, experience points, etc.

Permissions and credits
This mod works with all copies of Mass Effect 2 and all of the DLC (DLC is not required however)

What this mod does:

This mod allows all classes to have access to soldier weapon sets (Heavy weapon, sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, and pistol), and on the collector ship mission it will unlock a special weapon for you.

When ever you hit the reload button it adds more ammo for you, works with heavy weapons too, so keep on shooting!

Number pad is used (make sure you have it on!) to do the following (NOTE: only the number pad works for this mod since your quick slots are tied to the numbers on your keyboard)
0 = God Mode
1 = No cool down for your powers (you will have to do this every time you load and sometimes after cut scenes, it doesn't stay always active.)
2 = Turn cool down back on for powers
3 = Max Paragon level (to go back to zero hold CTRL and 3)
4 = Max Renegade level (to go back to zero hold CTRL and 4)
5 = gives you 1000 XP
6 = gives you up to 500,000 of all resources needed for upgrades (if you have 300,000 element zero for example it gives you 200,000 more, you can gain more in the normal way to go over 500,000)
7 = gives you up to 500,000 Credits (if you have 400,000 it gives you 100,000 but you gain more like you normally would to go over 500,000)
8 = gives you one talent point for main character
9 = subtracts one talent point from main character

Special Unlocks (affects achievements by giving you ones for having all upgrades, so if you want to earn them, do not use these)
F1= Unlock Upgrades
F2= Unlock Regular Weapons
F3= Unlock Heavy Weapons
F4= Unlock Special Weapon

To install this mod:

NOTE: In able to uninstall this mod you must make a back up copy of the file "Coalesced.ini" located in this directory .../Mass Effect 2/Biogame/Config/PC/Cooked and Make sure you store the back up anywhere but in the Bioware directories! (see below for Steam and Origin example file paths)

After you have a back up of "Coalesced.ini" all you have to do is copy or drag the new "Coalesced.ini" file from the unzipped mod folder to the that directory (see below for example) and the mod is now installed. If you ever want to uninstall this mod just replace the modded "Coalesced.ini" file with your backed up one.

For Steam and Origin users the default locations will look something like this:

Steam = C:Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Mass Effect 2/BioGame/Config/PC/Cooked

Origin = C:Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/Mass Effect 2/Biogame/Config/PC/Cooked

I would like to thank Mishant for creating this mod and allowing everyone to enjoy your hard work on it! He no longer supports this Mod, and as I did not create this Mod myself I will not edit it or change it in any way. Please endorse if you find this mod useful, thank you.