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4 brand new bonus power available to Shep.

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Recovered Powers Mod adds 4 new bonus powers usable by Shepard.
There are many powers that are, by default, hidden in the game files. They're often used by exotic enemies, or have other niche. They're all specific in their destiny and cannot be simple used by a player.
After a lot of work, some of them have been brought back to a state of usability. This mod adds them as a new, fully functional bonus powers.

All powers are available as a bonus ones and are unlocked along with campaign progress (details below).
You can choose them just like any other bonus power, both from end-user side (when creating new character or at Normandy's lab via Advanced Training), and via console commands / save editor (to the ones who'd like to use more than one at a time).
Here's the list of new powers:

            Carnage — legacy power present in both ME1 and ME3. Fires heavy, red projectile effective against everything. Unlocked after Lazarus.
            Energy Shield — one-side shield of Collector's technology. It spawns in front of the player and gives protection from enemy fire, so you can shoot at them safely. Unlocked after Horizon.
            Geth Siege Pulse — light geth projectile. Average damage, but its on-hit pulse jumps to nearby targets. Unlocked after recruiting Tali.
            Shock Pulse — short-range stunning punch. High damage against protections. Uncovered targets are incapacitated for short period of time. Unlocked after Horizon.

Adding powers to your character
All powers behave exactly like bonus powers.
Selecting power from Normandy lab probably doesn't need any clarification - it works just like any other bonus power would. The same goes for selecting the power from Character Creation screen when you start new game.

In case you'd be a more advanced user, who wants to add all of them to one char, or needs to use console for any other reason, here are the codes.
These powers will not be removed during loading screen, and will instead stick with your character like any bonus power would. To remove them, you need to use removepower command, which shares the same syntax.
You need to enter them in the in-game console, which is, by default, activated by pressing either Tab or Tilde(~).

Recovered Powers is a content mod in DLC format, what means none of basegame's files are overwritten. It's compatible with Coalesced.ini mods, and just like in ME3, any texture mods (such as ALOT) should be installed after.

The mod will work in any game language, but it's only translated to English and Polish. For other languages, descriptions of new powers will be displayed in English.

Recovered Powers uses TLK strings IDs from 9 402 000 to 9 402 100 and has Mount priority at 1390.

Please note that the mod is pretty advanced from technical side and uses many experimental techniques. Therefore, although it has been tested and didn't render issues on tested cases, it may (MAY - doesn't need to) cause the game to be less stable if you're unlucky.

To use the mod you need basic Mass Effect 2 game (none of BioWare's DLCs are necessary).
Both manual and M3 install is supported.
Mod size after unpacking is equal to 246MB.

ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
If you're an average user, the most recommended method of installation is using ME3Tweaks Mod Manager made by Mgamerz.
  • Download the mod from Files tab. Don't unpack the 7z!
  • Drag-and-drop the 7z you've just downloaded to the Mod Manager window
  • Hit Import Mod button from right-lower corner of the window.
  • Select the mod from list on the left side and click Apply Mod
Yup, that's everything. MM will take care of the rest.

Manual install
In case you prefer old-fashioned way or have literally any other reason, manual install is still available.
  • Install Erik JS' DLL Patcher (download link here, install instructions here), if you haven't done it before or you don't have any other DLC mods.
  • Unpack the 7z that you've downloaded from 'Files' tab
  • You need to know where your game is installed. .../Documents/BioWare is NOT a game installation path.
  • Copy DLC_EXP_Powers folder to .../Mass Effect 2/BioGame/DLC.
If you feel like it's too much, please, save your (possibly also mine) time and just use the Mod Manager.

Uninstalling the mod is really simple if you ever need to do so. In case you're a Mod Manager user:
  • Open MM
  • Select Mass Effect 2 dir from Installation Target list
  • Find Recovered Powers on the list and click Delete
If you used manual installation, you need to remove DLC_EXP_Powers folder from .../Mass Effect 2/BioGame/DLC. Yup, that's all.