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This mod makes Exploration Mode First Person, instead of Third.

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This version of the mod changes camera position, and Field of View(FOV) to achieve a First Person Perspe
ctive in hub worlds and on the Normandy.

Combat and conversations are both unaffected, and will work normally with this version installed.


This version of the mod changes camera position, and FOV to achieve a First Person Perspective during missions and anywhere where you might use a weapon. It also includes new Empty Weapon Slots, and new Invisible Helmet, Chest and Shoulder pieces called "First Person Mode" at the end of their respective lists.

Note: This is an EXPERIMENTAL version of the mod, and I don't recommend using it for casual play. It's mainly meant as a proof of concept. I had to disable a Camera Collision setting to get Shepard's gun and arms to appear in Combat. You might encounter camera clipping issues in Hub worlds and on the Normandy due to this.


Exploration mode is compatible with ME2Controller, No Minigames, and Remove Shared Cooldowns with the compatibility patches.

This mod won't be compatible with any other mods that modify the SFXGame.pcc file.

I won't be making any compatibility patches with Combat mode, as it's an experimental version of the mod.


First Person Mode needs to be installed before ALOT. Installing it after may break your game.
And back up your SFXGame.pcc file!

1. Download the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.
2. Drag and drop the .7z file into the left panel of the Mod Manager.
3. Press "Import Mods", or "Install"
4. If you chose to Import the mod, select First Person Mode, then press the "Apply Mod" button at the bottom right.


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