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Loosely based off this (http://psdo.tumblr.com/post/47905399476) Samara redesign on tumblr, this mod gives Samara a golden chestplate instead of cleavage, black boots, and gauntlets, making her outfit look more like armor. Also contains files for ME3, if you'd like.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a simple texture replacer, intended for ASA_ARM_Lgta.diff. (For those of you who don't like to replace textures manually, that's Samara's default outfit.) It's not particularly high-quality, but it looks good under normal game circumstances.

EDIT: Somehow this text changed back a version when I wasn't looking. Here's the actual instructions.

EDIT 2: ME3 Version now available.

This mod contains texture files for replacement using ME3 Explorer. The main file adds gauntlets and boots to Samara's outfit, in addition to a golden chestplate fix for the clevage window. There's also an optional file that includes just the golden chestplate for her regular and loyalty armors, in case you're not interested in the boots. If I figure out how to edit spec files without crying, I'll upload those as well for this. Spec file replacement now available for download in the optional file.


From main window, navigate to Texplorer.

For this mod, check in the upper right hand corner to make sure you're modding ME2.

Below that indicator should be a search bar, search for the textures you want to replace. If replacing Samara's main armor, look for asa_arm_lgta_diff. Her loyalty armor is called asa_arm_lgtb_diff. As you type, the name of the texture should come up beneath the search bar. Click on it. (If you don't see a search bar, change the dpi scaling settings for me3explorer.)

Click on the thumbnail for the file you want to replace. In the lower left, there should be a button that says Change. Click it, navigate to the replacement texture you downloaded from this page, open it, and save changes in the upper right corner.