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A number of different textures for Liara's face from the Liara Retextures project on BSN, backported to ME2.

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The default texture for Liara's face is way overdone, and while the LOTSB DLC improves it quite a bit, it could still use some improvements. The Liara Retextures project on BSN provides a number of different variants that have an even better effect. However, that project was aimed at Mass Effect 3.

The textures provided here are a backport of some of the variants in the Liara Retextures project to Mass Effect 2, namely with three changes:
  1. Vanilla ME2 teeth are restored; the models differ between ME2 and ME3, with a shift and change in size for the teeth.
  2. The alpha channel from vanilla is restored as well. This seems to be used as a specular.
  3. The textures are repacked as MEM mods, targetting the ME2 texture of Liara's face.

And, of course, a lot more screenshots are provided for comparison convenience.

The versions have been renamed for ease of reference, since some of the original names are very confusing. The textures ported so far are:
  • Light Liara: same as Light Liara on BSN. This is a subtle edit of the vanilla ME3 Liara face texture. It includes quite a bit of makeup (but less than in vanilla ME2).
  • Grey Liara: same as Lips Liara on BSN. This is a subdued variant with less colour, minimal makeup, and less visible freckles. It is closer to Liara's appearance in ME1: quite suitable for an archæologist!
  • Deep Liara: same as LOTSB Liara on BSN (but actually has nothing directly to do with LOTSB). This is similar to Grey Liara, but very much deep blue. This is probably the closest to the cinematic Liara that you can see if you look at the Nexus background to the right of this text, but that's discounting lighting differences; in Illium where Liara actually appears, there are blue neon lights, so she can seem to be very deep blue.

The other two versions on BSN (Sky Liara and Blue Liara) are not ported (yet) because they are just subtle variations on the above: Blue Liara is a blue version of Grey Liara, which makes it look extremely similar to Deep Liara, whereas Sky Liara is Light Liara without the lipstick.
To install the textures, use MassEffectModder.

Just like the original project, feel free to modify and upload your own versions.