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Makes Commander Shepard look like dr. Liara T'Soni

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After long hours, me, simple mortal with no special modding skills, managed to figure out how to play as other NPCs of Mass Effect Universe, and by that I mean Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3. Mass Effect 1 is boring as hell, so I probably won't be making any mods since you can find quite plenty of them around the net.
As for second and third game, mods can be expected. My English sucks sometimes, but I'm trying to hit the grammar as best as I can, if you don't like it, then go and read Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Fifty Shades of Grey, etc.. there are many books out there, you know...
Well, as for mods, I mostly do
Play as (NPC) thing, but I can also do some minor .ini tweaks. My NPC mods don't make you play that special character completely, you only get his look, and sometimes there are bugs and clipping issues I can't fix, but everything which seems playable enough to me, I'll think about posting it here on the Nexus. I'm no modder by any means, I just want to share my personal work with you mambo-jumbo badonkadonks. If you like my work, and you need help with something I already posted, feel free to ask me for help. If you don't like it, there is no point asking me anything.


Mod to play as Liara in Mass Effect 2. In essence you will be wearing the mesh as an armor(Kestrel armor; best armor by stats in my opinion).


1) RCW ME2 ModManager v0.3      LINK IS DEAD ! Navigate to my other mod, "Play as Garrus", go to files and the download should be there.
2) Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC

1) Backup your Coalesced.ini!!(e.g. C:\Program Files\Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\Coalesced.ini)
2) Unzip the archive in the mods folder of ME2 ModManager.
3) Start ME2 ModManager.
4) In the left pane Select play_as_liara and press '1 Click Apply+Save+Launch'. If you play with texmod then I would recommend to press 
    'Or ...Apply and Save As'
5) Start or load a game.
6) Press F12 to bring up the armor menu as an overlay.
7) Play with the sliders until the armor shows up.
8) Maybe the head will look messed up but dont worry it'll fix itself when playing.
9) Click apply, then exit to resume the game.

Big thanks to RangerDulann for making installation steps, I was to lazy to write them down myself.

To change key binding
Open my file with Notepad, Notepad ++, or similar program. Don't open it with advanced text editing programs like Microsoft Word !

Edit this line:

+Bindings=( Name="F12" 

Change F12 to whatever you wanna use.

Just remember to save it as .me2mod ( Save as ALL FILES, not .txt ! ) and put it inside mods folder in ME2 manager.


HR Liara LotSB Armor by Ottemis


1) Going to another zone will reset to default armor, so you have to reload the mod again. Just use the top slider then click apply.
Using F12 to bring the menu up changes the current map to one on Normandy's Deck 1(Captain's Cabin), because armor locker in which armor can be found is located there, and because streaming level is on Normandy (I might look into fixing it when I get some time). So basically, you are forced to see Normandy map wherever you go, the moment you press F12. Pressing "Shift" key (by default) however, points you in the right direction during your mission.

2) Also, head won't show in certain areas, like in some missions where you are required to use breather helmet, but I can't fix that, sorry. In that case, it's best to press F12 and choose some of the armors that won't make a big difference (just for that mision), and by that I refer to face-covering full body armors like Blood Dragon armor or Terminus armor (that is, if you have those).

3) Liara's head will turn brownish if you press "Squad" menu during your mission. DON'T ENTER SQUAD MENU ! If you do, you won't be able to turn it blue again, even if you press F12 to bring up armor menu. There is no reason to open up squad menu, since you will most likely add skill points after completed missions when you level up, as for squadmates, you will most likely level them up before mission starts. If you for some stupid reason "have to" open Squad menu, just remember to save the game right after that and load again to see original blue face. (don't use quicksave, use normal save!)

Everything said above won't spoil your game by any means, that is if you are not some snob retard seeking perfection. If you don't like it, there are two options for you:

- Fix any of these issues and let me know, I will give you credit for it and everyone will be happy.
- DON'T download this file.

Other than these 3, there are no issues I'm aware off. If by any chance you run in some, let me know.


 + I'll probably add Liara's armor to be worn as Casual outfit on Normandy
 - I thought about making changes to Coalesced.ini so your character will be asari by default, which will make this completely different mod.


-RangerDulann, who gave me idea of creating this mod, and probably all others, since I used his example. Don't forget to check out his mods here.

-ThunderTactics/Bioware for the original code.