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Armor tint mod with over 200+ colors to choose from.

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Massively Effective Color Palette
By Abvex


The goal for this mod is to organize and add colors to your ME2 armors in a logical and sensible way. Specifically arranged to offer people more tint variations of the same color. This is the first public release of the mod offering 20 colors with 10 tints per color… 200+ color variations. In addition there are 50+ white to grey to black tints… 250+ in total configurations for tint1 alone. In addition, matching 10X20 color and 20 B/W for tint2.

NOTE: The pattern color is B/W ONLY (aside from the default red).



  • v0.9
    • 264 tint1 configurations added.
    • 264 tint2 configurations added.
    • 3 new pattern configurations added (just variations of the right arm coloring).
    • First tint is set to the default armor grey with a little extra “shine”.
    • B/W patterns added – 10 White to grey and 10 grey to black tints.


  • Option A - Mod Manager Install (Recommended)
    • Download RCW ME2 Modmanager v0.3 from the BioWare forums.
    • Drag the contents to any location.
    • Add "MECP by Abvex.me2mod" to the same folder as "RCW ME2 ModManager.exe"
    • Check the box entitled "MECP by Abvex.Additional Armor Tints"
    • Click "1 Click Apply+Save+Launch"

  • Option B - Manual Install
    • Open "Coalesced.ini" located in "Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\" using your preferred coalesced editor.
    • Under [SFXGame.SFXPawn_Player] delete all entries for:
      • Tint1Appearances
      • Tint2Appearances
      • PatternAppearances
      • PatternColorAppearances
    • Add all the entries supplied in "MECP by Abvex (Manual Install).txt".


This mod is a re-upload of Abvex's Massively Effective Color Palette, and has been re-uploaded with permission.