Mass Effect 2

1. General Questions
Answers to most, if not all, general questions about my mods, including: contents/gameplay changes, mod format, installation, load order, TOCing, mod managers, mod compatibility, non-vanilla romances, texture use, or localizations/translations can be found in the list of documentation below.

Please respect my time as much as your own and give all of these a thorough read before posting.

A few words on some specific mods:

  • Rondeeno's Same Gender Romance mods are not compatible with any of my content mods. ME1/ME2 playthroughs built on these mods cannot be used with most of my mods for ME2/ME3. See the Mod Compatibility Spreadsheet and this article on Nexus for more information.
  • PEOM is not compatible with BackOff. See the Mod Compatibility Spreadsheet and this Nexus article for more information.
  • Project Variety and several other mods are not compatible with BackOff or ThaneMOD. PV 3.1 is no longer compatible with ME3Recalibrated, due to 17 file conflicts. See the Mod Compatibility Spreadsheet for more information.
  • ALOT users, read the mod descriptions and see the ALOT section of my Troubleshooting page.

Remember, all of my mods, save for GTFME2, are made for English localizations, only. They will not work properly with other languages. If you are playing the trilogy in a language other than English and you are using my mods, you should have problems because they are not compatible.

2. Troubleshooting Questions
If you run into an in-game problem while one or more of my mods is installed, it's time to stop and do some research.

  • STEP 1 - Check the Nexus Bugs tab for all mods you are using and see if your issue has been reported.
  • STEP 2 - Take 15 minutes and do a thorough web search for vanilla game bugs. Do this even if you haven't experienced the problem before. Every game bug does not show up in every playthrough. Choose your search terms carefully and don't include the names of your mods; you're looking for vanilla bugs, not mod bugs.
  • STEP 3 - Read all documentation listed above in "General Questions." Read all documentation associated with all other mods you are using.
  • STEP 4 - If your problem isn't solved, carefully proceed through this Troubleshooting page. It will walk you through how to determine if my mod is causing your issue and whether or not it's appropriate and worth your time (and mine) to post.

If you are currently experiencing a technical issue in game, have come here for help, and are frustrated and angry, consider delaying your post until your temper is under control.
Knowing when to take a step back is a good life skill to have, and I have a zero tolerance policy for personal insults and cursing in my threads. Inability to restrain this type of behavior will result in a permanent ban from all my mods. This is your one and only warning.

3. Texture Questions
The resources listed in "General Questions" contain texture-related information that should be read by all users. Most of the "Troubleshooting" page of my website -- short of the ALOT section -- assumes you are working with DLC mods.

Texture problems, including "black textures," are commonly-encountered in Mass Effect and can be a result of a variety of things. Outdated GPU drivers, CPU incompatibilities, INI edits, Texplorer scanning on modded files, and more. ALOT users need to be extremely careful when using ALOT in the presence of any other mod.

Some of my mods contain new textures, some do not. If you run into any type of texture question or issue, here is a list of each of my mods and the types of textures they contain. If your question/problem isn't related to these exact textures, then my mods cannot be responsible for your issue. Posts about unrelated texture problems will be deleted.

  • BackOff - replacement textures for the cabin photo (optional)
  • Better Cabin Music - novel GUI textures
  • Better Dreams - none
  • Giftfish's Textures for ME2 - replacement textures for aquarium biota, asari/Liara heads, cabin photos, Femshep dress, Sol System planets, GUI textures
  • ME2Recalibrated - replacement GUI images; additional optional replacement GUI images, optional Anderson's head
  • ME3Recalibrated - replacement texture for Joker's head (optional)
  • ThaneMOD - replacement textures for GUI (vBCDE) and cabin photo (vCE); optional Hoodies and Femshep dress
  • Urz on the Normandy - none

4. Comments and Criticism
If you want to share praise, ideas, and thoughtful criticism you are welcome and encouraged to post. Most modders enjoy talking about their mods, myself included. Ideas should be posted with the expectation that I will give you my honest opinion and feedback.

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