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Lessens ambient lighting, increases power of light sources, improves colour and makes Mass Effect overall look nicer.

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Visual Overhaul for Mass Effect

What is this?

Mass FX, a SweetFX preset, is a rendering overhaul for Mass Effect, which as you have probably guessed, uses the SweetFX preset. I have recently got into the series, and when I tried to calibrate my gamma settings, I realised that no matter what, the colours in the game looked washed out. There was a ridiculous amount of ambient lighting, almost no bloom, a lack of anti-aliasing and many other problemsin which the details I will not bore you with.

What does it do?

Upon improving the colours, the main goal of Mass FX is:

  • Lessening of ambient lighting
  • Light source enhancement
  • Deeper, darker shadows
  • Nicer rendering

So, what's the cost? What is the performance hit?

If you have used a SweetFX preset before, you will know that the performance hit is absolutely minimal. At most a few FPS (3 - 5 frames) will be lost, but other than that, SweetFX is an incredibly performance friendly enhancement to almost any 3D rendered video game.


The Coffee Guy - Preset
CeeJay - SweetFX shader suite