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Reduces difficulty of Pinnacle Station Hunt scenarios on Insanity to make it possible to win

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This is a small DLC mod which tweaks two Pinnacle Station scenarios to make them more playable on Insanity. This is intended to bring the difficulty of Pinnacle Station on Insanity to the level of the rest of the game. Lower difficulties are unchanged, this mod only does anything if you are playing on Insanity difficulty.

Volcanic Hunt and Tropical Hunt scenarios will start with more time on the clock, and will add more time to the clock on kills than the default. In my own playtesting, this allows these scenarios to remain a small challenge, just not an impossible one.

Drag and drop the .7z onto ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
Install before ALOT and MEUITM
Requires Pinnacle Station

Compatible with ME1Recalibrated