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The original Mass Effect trilogy UI does not work well with 21:9 ultrawide resolutions. Flawless Widescreen improves support but does not properly scale the UI. The goal of my mod is to fix the problems and properly scale the game's GUI to 21:9 ultrawide resolutions.

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The GUI of the original Mass Effect trilogy is a mess when you play at 21:9 resolutions. Flawless Widescreen helps, but does not provide a complete solution. That is not a knock against Flawless Widescreen. But Flawless Widescreen alone doesn't provide a complete solution. My mod actually modifies the game's UI directly in order to fix the scaling and placement. In tandem with Flawless Widescreen for its FOV and black bar fixes, it's now possible to have a true 21:9 experience with Mass Effect.

Additional 3440x1440 screenshots available here:

Beta version of Mass Effect 2 mod here:

Teaser of MEU with controller GUI:

Before we begin, there are a couple of things to know.

  • I consider this mod to be a complete build, in beta. The game's file structure is messy. I believe I've updated all GUI items but there may be some that have not been fixed yet. Bugs may be introduced that I'm not yet aware of. I will do my best to knock out any problems or GUI elements that are not working right. If you want to report an issue, please provide details and screenshots.
  • As with other mods which change the game's base files, install this before any texture mods. Installing this after texture mods WILL result in black triangles and other texture problems. This includes even minor release updates for my mod. As with any other mods, make a backup before installing.
  • I have only tested this on a 3440x1440 display. The mod uses a resolution which should also scale to 2560x1080. This is NOT intended for other aspect ratios like 32:9 or eyefinity setups. They may be improved by the mod but I will not be supporting those resolutions. 16:9 is not intended either, but then if you're on 16:9 you shouldn't be installing this.
  • I have not tested compatibility with other mods besides the ones listed below. Any other mods which modify the same files listed below will cause issues.
  • 2 particular UI items I know of did not react well to scaling and have been patched as well as I could manage. These are the Quasar machine, and Achievements screen. They are perfectly functional, they'll just appear larger than other screens of the UI.
  • Flawless Widescreen is not required, but still recommended at this time for its FOV fixes and black bar removal. I may be able to go back and mod those fixes into the game files later. Not a huge priority at the moment as FW is a perfectly valid option.
  • This does not fix the pre-rendered cinematics. Neither does Flawless Widescreen. Expect some cutting off and stretching on any pre-rendered cinematics. I've done a little testing on modifying those and got a couple of them to work with only minor stretching. May update those if there is enough interest.
  • Due to bizarre behavior of target and selection reticles that seems to be hardcoded, I could not get the screen edge arrow markers that point out "a target is to your left/right" to scale properly. Effectively, I've disabled them. I think they were somewhat superfluous anyway, as at wider resolutions you can usually see what's to your left and right anyway without an arrow telling you something is left or right of center.
  • I've gotten quite a few requests regarding the series of controller UI mods. I have done some initial testing. It is possible for me to edit the controller mod and apply the same scaling I used in the base MEU mod. For fun, added a screenshot above. There are some major issues with this going in. Basically the controller mod activates remnants of the Xbox GUI files. These are completely separate from the PC ones. Patching ME1controller requires updating those Xbox GUIs, so I have to completely start from scratch on most of the GUI. While I'm still considering doing this, it's going to take an extensive amount of work. If I do so, it will not be ready for quite a while.
  • This mod was created using base game files from the English version. Full compatibility with non-English localized versions is not assured. Currently, I have no plans to patch any localized versions.


1) Back up your game folder.
2) Copy the CookedPC folder from the archive and paste into the BioGame folder where Mass Effect is installed. Overwrite existing files.
3) Go to your Documents folder > BioWare > Mass Effect > Config and make a copy of BIOGuiResources.ini, then open it in Notepad.
4) Search for [BIOC_Base.BioSFHandler_Reticule]. Under that heading will be an entry for "m_fMinScalingRange=xxxx.0f". Change 'xxxx' to 2000. So the line should be 'm_fMinScalingRange=2000.0f'. If you don't change this, selection reticles may appear when you are very far away from the object, and be skewed to the side until you move closer. You may need to tweak this number to get the proper effect. In my testing, 2000 makes the selection reticle first appear at a reasonable distance from the object and after it has centered itself. Save and close the file.
5) If you are already using Flawless Widescreen, go to the settings for the Mass Effect plugin. Disable HUD scaling. Set 'FOV Fine adjustment' to 0. Values other than zero may cause weird effects with some UI items. Go to the Settings menu, and open Configuration. Go to Display Detection and uncheck 'Enable Display Detection Override' then save changes. If you're NOT already using Flawless Widescreen, install it, install the Mass Effect plugin, and configure your settings the same as above.
6) If you're using the Origin version of the game, disable Automatic Game updates in your Origin application settings. If Origin automatically updates the game, things may break.
7) Special note for Mass Effect Recalibrated. If you are using this with the ME3Tweaks version of Mass Effect Recalibrated, copy the BIOA_NOR10_03_DSG.SFM file from my mod's compatibility patch to this location: (Mass Effect installation folder)\DLC\DLC_MOD_ME1RE\CookedPC\Maps\NOR\DSG.


1) Restore your backed up copy of BIOGuiResources.ini from step 3 of the installation.
2) Copy the following files from your backup game folder to your Mass Effect (match the folder names) and overwrite:


Mod Compatibility:
Mass Effect Recalibrated (install that mod, then the compatibility update in Optional Files). If you are not using Mass Effect Recalibrated, I recommend it!

Mgamerz for the mod tools and tips that make this possible.

Known issues:

Resolved issues:
-Fixed a problem where target and target selection overlays did not work properly while driving the Mako. Download 0.6 patch for the fix.
-Fixed a problem on the planet information window where a misplaced frame created a blinking effect in the animation. Download 0.7 patch for the fix.
-An overlap in changed files may cause compatibility issues with the Mass Effect Recalibrated mod. Received permission from the author to issue a compatibility update. Available now under Files.
-Uploaded 07 full build was actually missing an 0.6 patch file. Corrected and uploaded a new archive with the full build.