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I've compiled a list of mods to fully flesh out a Spider-Man 4-esque experience for y'all. This modlist attempts to revamp most aspects of the game to give it a more cinematic feel. From the changing camera zoom levels during swinging, to the music and the up-close camera angles during combat, this modlist will truly make you feel like the game is an extension of the Raimi Trilogy!

Some notes:
Due to the camera mods being used, please set your FOV to the max value which is 25. Not doing so will result in overzoomed camera angles. Plus, maxing out the FOV is what allows you to get that zoom in and zoom out effect during swinging similar to what is seen in the Raimi films.

Modlist and Load Order (Follow very carefully in order to achieve the same results):

SMPCombatTweaks Beta -
Over the shoulder camera -

Alternate Sunset Lighting -
Raimi Movie Trilogy Traversal and Combat Music -
Miles Morales import parts of combat beta -
Raimi Combat V1 -
New Finisher -
Spectacular Finishers FINAL -
Combat Blood Effects -

Miles Morales Part 1 -
Miles Morales Part 3 -
Professional Miles Morales -
Raimi Animations V5.5 (New) -
Miles Web Tricks -
Photorealistic Raimi V3 (New) -
Spider-Man 4: A Raimi-Inspired Reshade -
Raimi Weblines -
Raimiverse -

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