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The first real graphics mod for Spider-Man Remastered. It improves the lighting, contrast levels & saturation for each time of day.

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Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered is one of the most beautiful games on the market right now, but it is not perfect. Some lighting settings have been chosen unfavourably by the developers, which can often result in unusually high light and color contrasts. This mod aims to improve these issues by giving every time of day a more natural color palette with improved lighting, contrast and saturation.

Unlike all the Reshade presets, this mod edits the lighting settings for each time of day individually, directly in the game's files. It is also modular, which means you decide which part of the mod you want to install.
The mod comes in three parts: Daytime Overhaul, Sunset Overhaul & Night Overhaul. Use the SMPCTool to install them, you can download the latest version here.
Read the descriptions below for a more detailed explanation of what the mod does exactly.

Daytime Overhaul
The vanilla version of daytime has pretty harsh lighting, making the shadows really dark and everything else very bright. I toned down the contrast a little bit to give everything a softer, more dynamic look. The color grading was a bit yellowish in the bright areas with blue & green tones in the shadows, which didn't look very natural to me. I gave everything a better white balance and made suttle improvements to the overall coloration.

Sunset Overhaul
The sunset lighting suffers from the same issues the vanilla daytime version has. Very contrasty shadows, but with a very strong teal and orange look on top. I reduced the darkness of the shadows and made the orange sunlight less extreme. I am not a huge fan of teal and orange so I reduced the blue tones in the shadows to a minimum to give everything a more even and natural look.

Night Overhaul
Vanilla night time actually looks pretty spot on but I felt like it could use a little bit more saturation and a slightly stronger contrast curve to make the streetlights and building windows pop a little bit more. 

I hope you like the changes I made. The difference might often seem suttle, but it's the little things which make something that's already good perfect.
Feedback would be much appreciated.

Have fun,