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Replaces Time's Square ads, most billboards, and some stores with real brands. Now includes accurate NYPD vehicles and uniforms.

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Real Brands and Ads is now available for Spider-Man: Miles Morales with all-new holiday ads. Download it here.

What's New?

Version 1.1 replaces the fictional "Natural History Museum of Manhattan" with the real branding for the American Museum of Natural History, including from-scratch recreations of banners for real exhibits and features within the museum. See the screenshots tab for more.

Version 1.2.1 replaces "N.Y. Hot Dog" umbrellas with authentic Sabrett hot dog cart umbrellas. Also adds authentic-looking MTA subway signs and new scrolling ads to subway entrances. Also, by popular demand, the Aquaman ad has been replaced with Mission Impossible: Fallout

Version 1.3 integrates my Accurate NYPD Uniforms and Vehicles mod with some improved textures and new additions. This replaces the bright blue 70s uniform shirts with authentic black uniforms with "New York Municipal" patches replaced by the real NYPD seal. NYPD vehicles also receive authentic replacements for livery and seals. See screenshots tab for more.

but wait, there's...
SPIDER-BONUS: Thanks to some brilliant help by hypermorphic, 1.3 includes a fix for a vanilla bug which prevented decals from displaying on NYPD helicopters flying around random crime scenes.

Version 1.3.5 integrates some changes from the new Miles Morales version, as well as some updates and replacements. The list of changes and updates includes:

Time's Square:
-Mission: Impossible -> replaced with Blue Man Group On Broadway
-Bohemian Rhapsody -> replaced with Phantom of the Opera on Broadway
-Ready Player One -> replaced with Company on Broadway
-The Lion King -> image updated, replaced with newer version
-T-Mobile -> LOD bug fixed

-Vanilla lottery billboards -> replaced with authentic NYC lottery billboard
-3x4 Chase billboard -> updated with new image
-Daily Grind billboards -> replaced with various (Lancome, Panera, Redbull)
-Some remaining Colexco billboards -> replaced with T-Mobile

Newly added 7-11
Newly added FedEx Office
-Dunkin Donuts -> updated with new image
-TD Bank -> updated with new image
-Bank of America -> updated with new image
-Chase -> updated with new image
-Insomnia Cookies -> updated with new image

? What does this mod do?

Real Brands & Ads Revamp 
replaces every Time's Square ad, most (but not all) billboards throughout the city, and some store signs with real brands (with one or two in-universe exceptions). It does not replace any signs that are built into model geometry, only textures. New store signs are NYC-appropriate and add a little bit of real city flavor back into the game, e.g. Duane Reade, Insomnia Cookies, The Halal Guys, etc.

The screenshots don't show nearly everything. There are a lot of signs and ads in this game.

? Where did you get the new ads?

Some are existing ads or from-scratch recreations of existing ads. The majority have been built from scratch to ensure the best fit and consistency with the game's existing assets. The game takes place in 2018 and ads were selected to make sense for that year — e.g. Aquaman, Mr. Robot's final season, Better Call Saul season 4.

? Are there any bugs?

None that I'm aware of. In Time's Square there is a stretched out Lion King ad at ground level (the others look fine), but this is not a bug — the original sign from Insomniac was stretched out also. Can't do anything about that.

If you discover any bugs, signs looking out of place, etc. please provide a screenshot and a map location either via Nexus or on Discord.

? How do I install it?

Use Spider-Man PC Modding Tool's built-in Mod Manager to install the SMPCMOD file.