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Zooms the Camera further out while in the Abbey zone

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I made this mod out of frustration with how zoomed-in the camera was on hunter in the Abbey. I'm a old-school gamer that is used to modding the .ini file to get custom FOV and Camera Zooms. I don't know why they didn't add a setting to change the camera but now I'm able to do things in the Abbey without having hunter in my face giving me vertigo.

It appears that this setting zooms it out but angles it pointing down slightly so it's not a full back zoom from the same level. There might be a value in the file that controls this. But I did not feel the need to deep dive more.

I also did a "First Person Camera" also this being all settings just set to 1. I might do a few more like 500 or 1k later down the road. I might do a full deep dive into the other camera's if i have time. Currently I've been fine with the battle cam.

      "InspectModeArmLength": 120.0,
      "IndoorArmLength": 400.0,
      "IndoorArmLengthSprinting": 400.0,
      "OutdoorArmLength": 450.0,
      "OutdoorArmLengthSprinting": 500.0,


1. Unzip file
2. Move to: Steam\steamapps\common\Marvel's Midnight Suns\MidnightSuns\Content\Paks

Delete pak

This pack is tailored to how I like the zoom so yes if you don't like it that far out you will need to mod it yourself. CastorShell32 made a very easy-to-follow guide on how to mod Midnight Suns.

Location: CodaGame\Content\Coda\Blueprints\Cameras\InputCameras\DrivableCharacterCamera_BP

Settings to edit
      "InspectModeArmLength": 120.0,
      "IndoorArmLength": 145.0,
      "IndoorArmLengthSprinting": 175.0,
      "OutdoorArmLength": 250.0,
      "OutdoorArmLengthSprinting": 300.0,

Inspect mode - Inspecting items
Indoor Arm - Inside the Abbey
Outdoor Arm - Outside the Abbey
Sprinting - When you are running

It appears you can also edit the FOV but I did not test it as I was fine with the 55 it was set as. So i don't know if this setting even works or makes a difference.
"FieldOfView": 55.0

*Note* - For some reason my FModel was reporting this pak with default numbers. But when I open the game with my pak the camera was set to the values I had made them.


CastorShell32 - For posting an easy-to-follow mod guide.
Vinnyhaw - For posting an easy-to-follow video on how to mod.
Very Special Thanks
Fraixs Camera Person - Without you, I would not have spent an entire week going through each uasset trying to locate this setting. Also thanks to you I learned how to mod this game.