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This is not a mod, but a clean NG+ save files so if anyone is starting a New Game+ run and want to have all characters, Ultimate 3 difficulty and all DLC are included (these will not work if you do not have DLC)

Permissions and credits
This is a perfectly clean NG+ save file that has all characters with zero champion levels, all allies are at "Champion" Friendship (nothing greater than 5 friendship), and can be setup so you have Ultimate 3 difficulty unlocked.

Moreover, in the 2.0 versions, Belinn has made some great, and complex, changes to make starting decks have different cards.  She was kind enough to make them to my request, and I have made clean saves with each type of deck for both male and female Hunter.

Belinn's Changed starting deck mod:

If using these decks, YOU MUST USE, this tiny mod by Belinn to remove the requirement of having to upgrade a card at the Yard after the first mission.  If you do not use this mod, you have a pretty high chance to softlock your game.

Instructions to copy the save file´╗┐:

1) Should backup your SaveGames folder here:
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Marvel's Midnight Suns\SavedSteam <user-id> \SaveGames

2) Then turn off Cloud Sync on Steam

3) Delete all files within the SaveGames folder except the save with U3 difficulty unlocked (for some reason the NGPDataSaveSlot.sav does not seem to capture this independently).

4) Copy the file into the SaveGames folder

5) Run the game

This will give you a challenge if you want to play NG+ without any champion levels on any heroes.

I highly suggest trying the Zedd Balance Mod alongside a New Game+ run.  Find his mod here: