Mafia: Definitive Edition
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Wanna achievement on steam but you are not really willing to play game over again on max difficulty? I'm here to save you.

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Simple save for Mafia DE. Put into your save files and finish last mission on this difficulty. After that, you will get achievement "Made man". (Tested with cousin)

Where should I put save?

C:\Users\YourName\Documents\My Games\Mafia Definitive Edition

In the data folder, so here:

C:\Users\YourName\Documents\My Games\Mafia Definitive Edition\Data

There will be your numbers. Just throw save into that folder or rewrite folder name with your numbers. 

Where is that game saved?

Last mission, right after you are told to go to the art museum.

I have played it in Czech language, so if you drop whole save into your game, its very likelly that it will set game language to Czech. Nothing terrible, it can be changed in game menu. In case that it really changes the language, in the media I have uploaded a screenshot of where to look for language reset.