Mafia: Definitive Edition
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The mod aims to bring more realism and immersion to the game. Removing most of the HUD, and making gunfights more deadly.

Permissions and credits
Use it at your own risk : now you can kill/be killed with one shot to the head or the torso.
Only works with classic difficulty.

Hints : try to flank your enemies by being stealth. Stay on cover, and move from one side to the other of the same cover to surprise your foes. Heal you when you can, retreat if necessary and use molotovs and grenades. It's very hard, but it's possible (the game have a lot of checkpoints that help you). Ammo counter can be checked in the selection wheel. Instructions and objectives markers are visible on the map.

Installation :
Extract it to the game folder and overwrite (it's recommended to do a backup first, in case you want to uninstall the mod).

List of changes :
Realistic gunfights
  • increased damage to enemies and player
  • first aid healing properties increased to 100%
  • closer camera view in cover so you can't peek the enemies
  • no more zoom when aiming
  • first person view when driving
  • auto centering camera disabled when driving

immersive hud
  • all HUD elements removed (except crosshair, speedometer and interactive prompts)
  • hit and kill markers removed
  • crosshair color indicator for friends and foes removed

You can also disable the pickup glow effect on the weapons, and turn off the ingame music.

Files edited :

Credits : noobmodder12 (author of Combat Gameplay Overhaul)

Special thanks to Greavesy1899 and his toolkit.