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Rework each ensemble's combat kit, one by one.
Remaining members to do: Pluto & Argalia

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"It's endgame gear, why did they make them so underwhelming? Live a little, PM"

Just a guy looking forward to having more fun with the Ensemble. All reworks will be kept as optional, separate files in case someone wants to have fun with the original kit.

(Note: If you download the Master File, move all folders inside of the master folder to your BaseMod folder instead of simply placing the master folder in there for the mods to work)

(Note: Phillip's solo bugs have been fixed. To give a bit of insight on why he was bugged that way, Burning Anguish's "1-2 other allies" check was missing a check if there's any other ally at all, so it just tried to assign Anguish to 2 non-existing allies, wasn't able to, and jumped phases immediately, making it so that Toughness and stuff that procs at the end of the Scene doesn't work along with it. It should be all fine now)

Version History:

On Upload: Added Eileen & Tanya's Rework (and Argalia's name patch if you want that)

22/4/2021: Nerfed Beatdown, added Oswald's Rework

24/4/2021: Fixed Oswald's passive debuffing more than it should, added Elena's Rework > Bug fix for Elena's Rework

25/4/2021: Nerfed Oswald's reroll effect to max 3 times per Scene (still dependent on Showmanship). Changed Elena's Trickling Sensation to appear on EGO hand instead and can be used once every 2 Scenes

26/4/2021: Added a master file to avoid the annoyance of having to download separate files if you'd want to download all of them at once. Extract the zip somewhere, then move all folders inside to the BaseMods folder. Also updated Elena & Tanya to add visual effects for certain pages, and buffed Eileen's Enhance Combat page

27/4/2021: Added Greta's Rework. Nerfed Elena's Bleed output, cleaned Eileen's mod folder to prevent conflict

3/5/2021: Fixed various bugs that popped up after the latest update

5/5/2021: Added Jae-Heon's Rework
(Warning: Be sure to delete the old mod folders before extracting updated ones)

11/5/2021: Added Bremen's Rework. Added a book to Eileen's Rework. Slightly changed Oswald's rework (made Laughing Stock a status ailment) (Just download the master file tbh)

12/5/2021: Added Japanese localization to all reworks. Huge thanks to AnNim20 for providing me with the localization work!

18/5/2021: Added Phillip's Rework (EN & JP)

What's New?

1) Eileen's Kit:

Eileen's kit is actually a complete overhaul of Smoke cards as a whole, with very little left unchanged, containing Sooty Thwack, Inhale Smoke, Deep Drag, Hidden Blade, Flesh Fillet & Ever Spinning Gearwheel. (Even the passives from Smiling Faces got changed, yes)

Eileen's 1st Ensemble fight now drops 4 copies of a Page 2 version of Worshippers, armed with new enhanced passives and better stats, along with 3 new combat pages exclusive to Eileen to encourage the use of Gear Worshippers along with herself.

Her Mass Attack dropped from her Distorted fight, Thought Gear: Indoctrinate, has been slightly modified to make it compatible with her passive.

2) Tanya's Kit:

Tanya's kit makes her a heavy DPS (Damage per Scene, heh) key page, giving her a passive that increases her affinity to high-cost offensive pages, as well as giving her an activated "Hunting state" once per act that lasts for 3 scenes, heavily, HEAVILY increasing her damage output, but slightly lowering survivability in the process.

In terms of combat pages, Tanya's kit introduces changes to all combat pages related to her (Overspeed & Pitch Black Pulverizer), as well as 5 new combat pages (3 being exclusive to Tanya). 1 of these new combat pages will be added to hand at the start of the Act by one of her new passives, 3 will be dropped from her 1st Ensemble fight, and her Distorted version will drop at least 3 copies of a new book that has her cards as well as 1 more new combat page.

3) Oswald's Kit:

Oswald's kit is pure, chaotic fun. His passive ability grants him a special status effect that cripples his min dice value but buffs his max, effectively increasing roll range and will become pure enhancement once minimum dice reaches rock bottom. But, ain't that too inconsistent? You may say... His 2nd passive gives him limited rerolls each scenes when he rolls badly, that guarantees an improvement. His entire kit ramps up immensely as Emotion Level accumulates, making 15 rolls from Frontal Assault not an uncommon sight.

But the real meat of his kit are his 2 special combat pages, Extravaganza (comes with his innate passive ability) and Guest Cameo (drops from his 1st Ensemble reception). Extravaganza gives him one of 6 unique passives belonging to him for a scene (3 common, 1 rare, 2 very rare ones), so have fun watching chaos unfold as you watch your clown tear through everyone when the performance hits just right on the audience. Guest Cameo gives each of his other allies a special Circus combat page, also with different rarities, while a special combat page from his Distorted fight improves this reward pool and adds the opportunity to gain an extra rare card.

This is the most fun remake I've done so far, hope you all have fun exploring the contents of his kit.

4) Elena's Kit:
(Those who already downloaded my Vermillion Cross mod, please delete that one and replace it with the Elena Rework file)

Elena's kit comes with a new key page (The Vermillion Cross) and her own new set of combat pages and playstyle.

The Vermillion Cross' kit drops as a reward from Elena's 1st fight, as well as can be farmed through his book, dropped from himself. The Vermillion Cross is a heavy-duty Burn Key Page with high HP, high resistances but low Stagger Resist and low Speed. Also gives a buff to Burn key pages, and has ramping effects that affects Speed and Light Capacity at higher Emotion Levels. Also, as a byproduct of being sucked bloody dry by Elena, he has minor Bleed infliction upon getting hit.

Elena's kit is me trying something... different. "What? 60 HP? The hell is this underpowered shite?" No worries, you'll get it once you see her passive detail.

Elena is a powerhouse Bleed/Damage support key page. As a vampire, she grows stronger with blood. At the start of the Scene, her Max HP increases by a percentage of the total amount of Bleed on the field. Upon gathering enough blood, her vampiric nature lays bare, and she wields the power to rampage through enemies as well as strike fear into her own allies. This is a benefit however, as her monstrous status brings your team closer to the ever-elusive Abnormality Page from Hod's floor, Obsession. With some careful maneuvering and selective killing, you'll overwhelm the system with Negative Emotion Coins, and finally wreck havoc with your tasty Double Bleed.

Try your best to sustain Elena the best you can, as she won't retain the entirety of her gained Max HP upon an Act change, but if her HP is higher than her original Max HP at the end of the Act, that shall become her new starting Max hp for that Act.

As always, rewards are from her 1st Ensemble fights as well as a book from her Distorted form.

(By the by, her overhaul also comes with a very small change of the Damage Up buff in the game (from Le Regole) being given an actual name (Vigor). Hope no one minds that, seeing that saying "This character deals +X damage with Offensive dice this Scene" every time is more than annoying. I've also changed Le Regole's wording accordingly)

5) Greta's Kit:

Greta's delicacy is human meat, even in book form, let's help her achieve that

Greta's kit is a bulky Block tank/healer with high HP and a staggering (heh) +2 to Block Power. Her Key Page starts with 5 Light, because she's smart and ate a filling meal before combat. Her new cards help brings Resilience to your team, dish out some nice Bleed and damage of her own as well as making her a great Allure target. Though, her main gimmick would be her Recipe.

Greta starts every Act with a Recipe that takes 5 phases to complete. At the start of each Scene, she marks out 2 targets as "Ingredients" for allies to hunt down, whose unconsented organ donation shall contribute to her cooking. Ingredients gets inflicted with more Bleed from allies, and if they bleed enough, Greta can gather their... stuff... for her recipe. Outside of bleeding out ingredients, Greta's own combat pages may help with finishing the recipe.

Once the recipe is complete, the whole crew may feast. All cards gained from this rework file can be enhanced, which it would, upon finishing the recipe. Greta also gains a strong Melee Mass attack that mass heals on each usage and provides a fun little side effect to allies (leave no leftovers, folks). (Melee mass attacks trigger their On Use effects on each use, rather than the initial use).

Her high Max HP, support recovery and Bleed support makes her go really well with Elena, which is my intentions while making her. Have fun playing Overcooked in Library of Ruina.

6) Jae-Heon's Kit:

Similar to Elena, Jae-Heon's rework comes with his minion, Puppet Angelica. As with Vermillion Cross, her key page is dropped by burning her book, which is dropped by defeating her in the 1st Ensemble fight. Puppet Angelica's page is basically Blunt Kim with SoTC stats, but with a physical weakness to Slash to balance things out.

Also similar to Elena, Jae-Heon's base stats are absolute shite, and this time there will be no draining gimmicks to improve that. So what does he do? On his own, the damage he deals to enemies is rather minuscule. Jae-Heon is a heavy support key page for Blunt, with his main gimmick being the usual Puppet Strings. However, the main game's Puppet Strings have been completely reworked, now with the ability to enhance his allies' Blunt attacks and also absolutely vaporize enemy Stagger Resist. Jae-Heon provides all allies with Puppet Strings a passive Haste boost (giving you at least one incentive to run Myo independently, who's actually insane when paired with him), and gains access to various Strings pages every Scene to provide allies with Puppet Strings various boosts and recovery methods.

An usual Scene of Jae-Heon will consist of him burning all his Light on Instant pages, play a single 1-cost page, while watching his allies roll 10-20 rolls on Blunt, sparkling off 4-5 bonus Stagger fireworks along the way.
(btw, Ghghgh meta now)

7) Bremen's Kit:

Musicians of Bremen, anticipated ally buffs? Enemy Debuffs? Well you'll get tons of those, but with a twist. Bremen's Page rocks a staggeringly low Stagger Resist of 25, but they cannot be Staggered. Instead, when their Stagger Resist drops to 0, they'll take some damage, change resistances for the next Scene and fully recover their Stagger bar.

Bremen's main gimmick is the performers. Upon using certain pages, Doodle-doo, Heehaw and Woof will take stage, providing the entire team with bonus Stagger, dice power and randomized ailments, which ramps up the longer you can keep Bremen from being Staggered.

These folks are honestly the most complex thing I've make, taking up 1374 lines of code, so hope you can get enjoyment out of them. Use Netzach for maximum efficiency. Laughing Powder is honestly pretty busted.

8) Phillip's Kit:

Phillip's kit is pretty straightforward. Burn enemies to a crisp, gain lots of Negative Emotion because Philly boy's an emo fuck. But, there's a twist. Once per Act, when he kills an enemy, that enemy revives for 2 Scenes as an "ally" Crying Children. The summoned angel will target its allies with weak pages and debuff them, while passively buffing your team in the process with emotion points to recharge EGO and getting these elusive Negative Priority Breakdown pages.

With access to some more self-burning pages, Xiao benefits quite a lot from Phillip's kit, being completely immune to Burn damage at EL2, so using them in tandem is recommended.

Also yes, there's lasers.

Some anticipated questions:

1) Ain't this overpowered?

Some, perhaps a bit. But it's endgame gear, I want people to have fun with them. Keter Strength Stacking exists in the game anyway so if you wanna feel overpowered you can also just set that up :^)

2) Are you gonna do the entire Ensemble? Who's next on the chopping block?

Mayhaps, and Pluto.

3) What about that Vermillion Cross mod? Is that integrated with Elena?

Yes, I will integrate that with Elena once I'm done with her kit. As well as Jae-Heon's kit will have Puppet Angelica's Page & combat page as well, because why not? :^) Ayy

Feel free to leave any suggestions, bug reports or feedback in the posts section of this mod