The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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BCML is a mod merger and installer for the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, supporting both the Wii U and Switch versions. It supports the graphic pack file replacement mods (for Cemu 1.15+) and its own format, BCML Nano Patch (BNP)

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A Mod Loader?
Why a mod loader for BOTW? Installing a mod is usually easy enough once you have a homebrewed console or a emulator. Is there a need for a special tool?

Yes. As soon as you start trying to install multiple mods, you will find complications. The BOTW game ROM is fundamentally structured for performance and storage use on a family console, without any support for modification. As such, files like the resource size table or TitleBG.pack will almost inevitably begin to clash once you have more than a mod or two. Symptoms can include mods simply taking no effect, odd bugs, actors that don't load, hanging on the load screen, or complete crashing. BCML exists to resolve this problem. It identifies, isolates, and merges the changes made by each mod into a single modpack that just works.


  • Windows 10 (7-8 might work but are not supported) or basically any modern Linux distribution
  • A legal, unpacked game dump of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Switch (version 1.6.0)
  • The latest x64 Visual C++ redistributable

There are two primary options for installing BCML. 

The best way is to install BCML from PyPI. For help with this, consult the video tutorial at the top of this page.

  1. Make sure you already have the latest x64 Visual C++ installed.
  2. Install Python 3.7 or 3.8 (64 bit), making sure to checl Add Python to PATH.
  3. Install BCML using pip in a Command Prompt: pip install bcml
  4. Run BCML using the command bcml or by making a shortcut to bcml.exe, which is located in Python's Scripts folder.
You can also install from source.

On first use, you will have to point BCML to the directories containing your unpacked base game and DLC files. The first run wizard will try to guide you.

Usage and Troubleshooting
For information on how to use BCML, watch the intro video above, see the Help dialog in-app, or read the documentation on the repo. For issues and troubleshooting, please check the in-app help and the official Troubleshooting page before commenting.