Legend of Grimrock 2

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This is the completed Mod for the "Mystrock, Artisans Path"

Visit www.Mystrock.com for Project details

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The name "Mystrock" refers to a small project I put together aimed at allowing gamers to explore the ages of Myst in a new setting. The original developers of Myst are Robyn and Rand Miller; two brothers who founded Cyan Worlds. The Miller brothers are directly responsible for the orginal Myst (now played as realMyst), as well as Riven, The Sequel to Myst.

For the first Mystrock installment, the "Legend of Grimrock 2" dungeon crawler RPG will be used to create a Mod that enables players to travel through all the ages found in realMyst. One of the key differences between the original Myst and the newer, realMyst, is the inclusion of the Rime Age and the "sneak peak" to Riven. For this reason and more, the Mod is modeled directly after the realMyst version.

The title for this Grimrock 2 Mod is, "Mystrock, Artisans Path." Here, players follow the path of Atrus as they travel throughout Myst Island, Channelwood, Mechanical Age, Stoneship Age, the Selenitic Age, and the Rime Age. The player can expect to experience the full breath of Adventure Puzzle challenges found in the original realMyst game, as well as strong RPG and Dungeon Crawler elements provided by the Grimrock 2 game platform.

Visit www.Mystrock.com for additional project details.