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A 7-level dungeon demonstrating Germanny's Dungeon Master Resource.

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Artifacts of Might is the example dungeon for the Legend of Grimrock 2 version of Germanny's Dungeon Master Resource. It is also a complete dungeon in its own right. It's designed as a "typical" Grimrock dungeon, so if you're looking for the design principles used in my other mods, you might be disappointed; there are secret buttons, vanilla combat, traps, and so on. You also won't find fancy puzzles with models/sounds/etc designed exclusively for them, since the dungeon only uses the Dungeon Master Resource assets. Still, I've tried to make it interesting and fun to play, and there are quite a few puzzles.

A list of things to know that will probably make you enjoy the dungeon more (minimal spoilers):
- It's designed for a new party or Toorum.
- Champions get 2 skill points per level to compensate for how short the dungeon is. If you complete everything, non-farmer characters will finish the dungeon at level 9.
- There are 7 "real" levels; most of them can be done at any time.
- The Ruined Dungeon, the Central Hub, and the Hub Cellar are the only levels where items from other levels are sometimes needed for puzzles. Other levels never require you to go somewhere else.
- You are never required to take damage, even with no boots of speed.
- There is no way to "fail" puzzles or get stuck. Don't be afraid of messing up and losing items and secrets; it's not possible.
- Accessibility: There's a colorblind option that should suffice for the few puzzles where color is relevant. There are no spiders. There are no puzzles that require fast movement (low framerate is fine). Works with low rendering quality, although one level is extremely resource heavy.
- Heavy weapons and firearms are much more viable than in Isle of Nex. Heavy weapons should be competitive with light weapons now.
- There are no respawning monsters or ways to farm XP or items or food. You can get unlimited nutrition from water, but not farmer XP.
- If you're stuck, the readme includes solutions to all puzzles and boss fights at the end.

Note: the source files for this dungeon are included in the Germanny's Dungeon Master Resource download.