Legend of Grimrock 2

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Adds 10 new classes, updates to the existing 8 ones, plus new item sets, weapons, balancing changes and more. Uses UMod system and can be used with any mod

Permissions and credits
This mod aims to add fresh new class options and some level of balancing to any Dungeon-based mod you wish to play it with. It updates the original classes, as well as some items, skills and traits

  • 10 new classes (all balanced for the normal game)
  • Updates to the 8 original classes
  • Alchemist rework

Gameplay changes:
  • Ammo no longer needs to be in hand to be used. Now the rightmost column of your inventory works as an ammo source for whatever weapon is in use. Bows and large firearms become two-handed weapons
  • When using throwing weapons, those in your ammo source are placed in your hands automatically after throwing the last in a stack
  • Stunned monsters have 50% lower protection and evasion, in addition to the normal effect
  • Firearms no longer malfunction. Instead they have 20% chance of grazing a shot, doing minimal damage. Levels in Firearms reduce the chance by 4%
  • Shock spells can cause the Static debuff. It deals a small amount of damage at random intervals, which can interrupt the enemy's current action

Balance changes:
  • Dexterity only increases accuracy up to the 20th point (meaning +20 accuracy at 20 dexterity and no more after that)
  • Strength-based late game weapons give a %bonus to strength, making melee strength users stronger
  • There are new traits that boost unarmed damage scattered around different skills
  • Monster health scales based on map, up to +15%. Bosses also have more health

Character creation:
  • Several new racial traits have been added, and common traits have been balanced
  • Each character gets 1 racial trait and 2 common traits
  • Traits must be unique among all characters

  • 15 armor sets
  • 6 new tomes added at secret locations when playing with the default dungeon: Handbook for Tavern Brawlers, Encyclopedia of Meat Cuts, Assassin's Diary, Nameless Tome, Battle Mycology and Encyclopedia of Armors
  • 4 New crossbows, 1 new bow and 1 new quarrel type. These are added in when playing the default dungeon
  • Shields no longer give evasion, instead they get a chance to block a certain amount of damage
  • "Intense Fire" effect from Zhandul's Orb now works (other similar effects work as well)
  • Updated the stats on these items: Ethereal Blade, Quarterstaff, Scythe, Orb of Vilson
  • Reworked firearms