Left 4 Dead 2
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  1. Dziggy
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    Unfortunately, the modding system for this game is very, very limited. However, installing SourceMod will allow you to do significantly more with the game than a regular mod ever could, through additional plugins. SourceMod is intended to be used for servers but can also be used for single player games! Here are some related plugins you may find useful:

    200 IQ Bots - Makes bots keep a safe distance from tanks and startled witches.
    AutoHelp - Help yourself up when incapacitated, rather than relying on the bots to help you.
    Defib Using Bots - Allows bots to use defibrillators to revive you if you die.
    Gear Transfer - Allows bots to pick up throwables and hand them to you when you aren't holding one.
    Improved Survivor AI Autotrigger - Teleports bots or triggers certain events for all bot teams so they can complete all official maps.
    Survivor Bot AI Fix - Increases chances that bots will shoot a special infected that is restraining the player.
    Survivor Bot Sniper Rifle AI Fix - Prevents bots from switching to their secondary weapon when being attacked from close range.
    Survivor Bot Takeover - Automatically take control of a bot when you die.

    SourceMod install and setup video
  2. cleon24769
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    Thank you for the mod! I've been using the Simple version for a few single player campaigns so far, and am greatly satisfied with the difference. The bots actually keep up with me when I run ahead, have stopped wasting medpacks, and the best part (to me) is that they usually shoot AROUND me instead of THROUGH me. Man, that wobble was so annoying!