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Put energy cells in your quarterstaffs, edges on your batons, anti-ballistic protection on your clothes, everything is now available to you. Even Freedon Nadd's lightsaber...

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It's 2021 and games where you play as a crazy craftsman like in Dying Light or The Forest are now standard. This mod offers you the opportunity to play the same crazy DIYer in KotOR 2. Put energy cells in your quarterstaffs, edges on your batons, anti-ballistic protection on your clothes, everything is now available to you. Even Freedon Nadd's lightsaber...

The purpose of this mod is to make fully upgradeable objects that were not or only partially upgradeable.

This mod use tslpatcher and is divided into 6 components, each one concerning a category of objects.
Ranged weapons :
Modifies the majority of ranged weapons to make them fully upgradeable.
No more always using the same ranged weapons. Sonic and ion weapons are now viable and powerful. To you to test and discover.
Melee weapons :
Modifies the majority of melee weapons to make them fully upgradeable.
There are a lot of cool melee weapons in KotOR 2: quartertaffs, Force pikes, Ludo Kressh's War Sword, Freyyr's Warblade... but they are not or hardly upgradeable and are not used. I wanted to fix that. 
Freedon Nadd's Short Lightsaber :
Modifies Freedon Nadd's short lightsaber to make it fully upgradeable.
Freedon Nadd's tomb is a big test for your crew and I've always found the reward disappointing. A small lightsaber with "property of Freedon Nadd" marked on it. As the character from another LucasArt’s license would say : "That's belong in a museum !"
From now on, its place is with you on the battlefield
Clothing :
Modifies the majority of clothes to make them fully upgradeable.
I always thought it was a shame that Atton and Mira's jackets couldn't be improved. It is now possible.
Robes :
Modifies the majority of robes to make them fully upgradeable.
Because padawans can also customize their outfits.
Robes more upgradeable : 
Robes have same upgrade level as light armors.
I hate Jal Shey armor, I can't see it anymore. But it's too strong, it's hard to do without it.
Robes now support light armor upgrades and It is possible to be fashionable and powerful at the same time. I say "cheh" to the Jal shey.


This mod does not affect the weapons and upgrades you already have in your current game. You will have to recreate them on the workbench or start a new game.
This mod modifies (or adds) the UpgradeLevel value of the .uti files of the majority of melee and ranged weapons, clothing, robes and light armor upgrades, making them all fully upgradeable.
The same goes for w_sls_x02.uti (Freedon Nadd's short lightsaber) in addition to the thirty or so properties to be added to make it a "normal" lightsaber.
This mod is therefore probably incompatible with other mods also modifying these files.
However, it modifies without overwriting the files already existing in your override, in order to be as little incompatible as possible.

Changes, consequences & BUGs
Most of the objects that were not become fully upgradeable.
In its current version, this mod does not modify the description of the objects, still letting appear "Not upgradeable" or only partially, when it is not the case.
It is possible that some 3D models are not displayed correctly - or not at all - in the workbench upgrade section. This is the case of Atton's jacket, the dance outfit and probably Mira's jacket.
It is the colored crystal that determines the object "Freedon Nadd's Short Lightsaber". If you change the color at the workbench, it will become a normal short lightsaber and Freedon Nadd's short lightsaber will disappear forever 😱

Credits and thanks
TSLPatcher by Stoffe
KotOR Tool by Fred Tetra
K-GFF by TK102
I forgot to uninstall the mods to make my screenshots.
The nice blasters come from the High Quality Blasters by Sithspecter
The pretty textures from JC's Minor Fixes by JCarter426
The pretty icons from AI Upscaled Icon Overhaul by PramodMarlon
When in doubt, I also use the KOTOR2 Community Patch.
Thanks to them, their work is great.