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The massively popular fan expansion pack to KOTOR makes its way to Nexus. Featuring A 8+ Hour long Campaign, Professionally voice acted companions and NPCs, and an in depth backstory to Revan, choose your path down the light or dark sides of the force once more.

Permissions and credits

AUTHOR: Silveredge9
UPLOADER: Gregthegen
NAME: Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge
TYPE: Expansion Pack
Windows VERSION: 1.1
Android Update Version A.1
SIZE: 645mb (ZIPPED) 1.4gb (UNZIPPED)

Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge is a mod that provides a significant expansion of content to Bioware’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Boasting an epic storyline which encompasses new quests, new party members, new fully voiced characters, new items, and brand new areas, Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge adds many additional hours of gameplay to KoTOR.

Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge is split into multiple questlines, all of which can only be played after the Leviathan section of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has been completed.


The quests which encompass the main storyline are as follows:

Drix Keliwt, the Rodian crew member of a ship named the Orion, is in need of your help. The newest and most ruthless of Exchange members Daemon Drexl is seeking to claim a mysterious merchandise, and you as Drix Keliwt’s representative, must ensure that never happens.

You can begin this quest by speaking with Drix Keliwt the Rodian, who can be found in the Dreshdae cantina on Korriban.

As the Orion’s last best hope, you must ensure the safe passage of the mysterious merchandise to the sanctuary of the Arroyo Sector, and not allow – under any circumstance – the ruthless Daemon Drexl to claim it for himself and his villainous criminal organisation the Exchange. On the way to Arroyo, you will face new foes, gain new allies, and relive your mysterious past as the Dark Lord of the Sith.

You can begin this quest by speaking with the Bith Ponda H'tiba in the Anchorhead Cantina on Tatooine after the quest "A Favour for a Rodian" has been completed.

Travel with Shadow - Darth Revan’s personal assassin – as she investigates a great disturbance in the Force on Korriban. There you will uncover more of her mysterious past, including a fateful battle she fought at the Second Battle of Taris during the Mandalorian Wars.

The quest automatically begins when you enter the Ebon Hawk for the first time after the quest “The Brotherhood of Shadow” has been completed.

Darius Solomon – the former Jedi Master of the mysterious Shadow, and a man thought dead in the Mandalorian Wars – has returned. Join Shadow as she journeys across the Korriban Wastes on a quest to confront the man who was once her mentor. On the way, you will encounter ancient evils, meet with new allies, and relive the epic finale of the Mandalorian Wars: the Battle of Malachor V.

You can begin this quest by speaking with Shadow after the quest “The Black Robed Man" has been completed.

Side quests which not related to the main plot are also available for you to play through. They are as follows:

Aid the Administrator of the Czerka Corporation Mining Facility as he attempts to restore Korriban’s Dreshdae colony to its former glories by assassinating the lives of those most responsible for its deterioration.

You can begin this quest by speaking with the Administrator after you have gained access to the Residential Level of the Mining Facility.

Falsely accused of the murder of a Czerka employee, a Trandoshan bounty hunter has been imprisoned within Czerka Corporation’s Dreshdae Mining Facility. You must aid the captured Trandoshan by engineering his escape from his Force cage, and grant him the freedom that by all rights should be his already.

You can begin this quest by speaking with the Trandoshan prisoner in the Detention Room of the Czerka Corporation Mining Facility on Dreshdae.

Uncover the truth behind the mysterious incident which has quarantined the Residential Level from the rest of the Mining Facility, and allow the surviving Czerka Corporation miners to learn the fates of their fallen colleagues.

You can begin this quest by speaking with the Czerka Employee Berloc Lee on the Main Level of Czerka Corporation’s Dreshdae Mining Facility.

Aid the manager of Backwater Entertainment Nat Koh as he attempts to gain the favour of Czerka Corporation’s Dreshdae Leisure Officer in the hope that he will be granted the contract to provide entertainment for Dreshdae’s cantinas.

You can begin this quest by speaking with the Twi’lek Nat Koh in Mining Facility’s Employee Cantina.

There are 2 available methods of installing Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge on Windows. The standard installation method is done entirely though TSL Patcher, and doesn’t require you to do anything beyond simple button clicking. The manual installation is for those unable, for whatever reason, to use TSL Patcher, and involves the copying and pasting of files from folder to folder.

NOTE: With the standard installation method, BoS:SR is far more likely to work alongside any other mods you may currently have installed, which may not be the case should you use the manual installation method.

NOTE II: There is a save game included in the package for those unwilling to play through KoTOR yet wishing to play through the content added by BoS:SR. It is on the Ebon Hawk after the Leviathan section has been completed, and is automatically installed if you have chosen to use the standard installation method. The save game is named "BOS_SAVE".

NOTE III: If you currently have the original Brotherhood of Shadow installed and intend to use the standard installation method, you will need to do the following before you proceed:

1) Open up the Override folder located within your SWKoTOR directory.
2) Delete the file "global.jrl".

(Or if you have manually edited global.jrl to make it compatible with another mod which uses the file, open it up in K-GFF and delete the structs with the tags "drix_meeting", "ship", and "matilda".)

1) Double click BoSSR_1.0_install.exe.
2) Click the "Install Mod" button.
3) Sit back, relax, and wait for the installation to complete.

1) Open up the tslpatchdata folder.
2) Copy the files "msp_malachor.mp3" and "music_revan.mp3" and paste into the streammusic folder located in your SWKoTOR directory.
3) Copy all files with a .bik extension and paste into the movies folder located in your SWKoTOR directory.
4) Copy all files with a .mp3 extension (With exception to those listed in step2) and paste into the streamwaves folder located in your SWKoTOR directory.
5) Copy all files with a .wav extension and paste into the streamwaves folder located in your SWKoTOR directory.
6) Copy all files with a .mod extension and paste into the modules folder located in your SWKoTOR directory.
7) Copy everything else (With exception to nwnnsscomp.exe, nwscript.nss, GLOBALVARS.res, PARTYTABLE.res, SAVEGAME.sav, savenfo.res, and Screen.tga) and paste into the Override folder located in your SWKoTOR directory (If there isn't one, create one).
8) Open up the 2DAs & Journal folder.
9) Copy and paste its contents into the Override folder.

*Only repeat the following steps if you want to install the save game mentioned in NOTE II.

10) Open up the save folder and copy the "000376 - Game375" folder.
11) Open up the save folder in your SWKoTOR directory.
12) Paste the "000376 - Game375" folder.


I've found out that this works on android as well if after installing it on Windows the files are ported across to the sdcard0/android/data/(the aspyr kotor
directory)/files/override  folder and the modules are copied over to the Android /files/Modules folder with the movies to the /files/movies

You should install on PC first before porting in order to have a properly patched 2da files, else the game will not work. UPDATE: Apparently there is a workaround that allows not needing a full kotor install on windows by downloading another mod that already has a dialogue.tlk file, the steps are outlined in the video above. -8/16/2018

However one should note that on android the mod is completly playable up until the Czerka Base, but crashes (possibly due to memory overflow) in the Czerka Administration level, (though you can still finish the mod due to a wonderful tutorial posted by Negative Zero that I have linked to here) and all custom VO is silent save for the alien voices due to androids handling of the audio files. However this is well past the 70% mark for the mod and past the point where the original BOS ended before it was expanded with Solomons Revenge content so there is still much of it to enjoy on your mobile platform.

I am completely unsure on how to install it on an Iphone/Ipad/Mac, however it has been done, google the instructions to find out.
» FAQ Windows: Silveredge9
Q - How long was Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge in development for?
A - Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge (As a whole, including the original BoS, which was released in its original form in September 2007) was in development from June 2006 to May 2009.

Q – Does BoS:SR replace the main storyline?
A – No, it does not. BoS:SR adds content on top of what is already in KOTOR.

Q – Do I need to have the original BoS installed to play this?
A – No, you do not. The original BoS is included in BoS:SR.

Q - During an earlier playthrough of the original BoS, I made a save after I completed it. Can I continue from this save and then play through the new content added by Solomon's Revenge?
A - Due to various significant changes to the original BoS, this is not possible, and will only cause unnecessary bugs. You have to start again, before the quests "A Favour for a Rodian" and "The Brotherhood of Shadow" were completed.

Q – When can I play through the content added by BoS:SR?
A – As soon as you complete the Leviathan section of the main game. Travel to Korriban and speak with the Rodian Drix Keliwt in the "Drunk Side" cantina.

Q – How can I attain the new items added by BoS:SR?
A – All are attainable at one point or another by simply playing the content added by BoS:SR.

Q – How difficult is the content added by BoS:SR?
A – The difficulty is comparable to the rest of the game. It isn’t too hard, yet it isn’t too easy.

Q – I have the mac version of KoTOR, will BoS:SR still work?
A – The short answer is no. This is because the mac version of KoTOR doesn't support custom modules of any kind.

Q - I currently have the original Brotherhood of Shadow installed, will this make a difference when I install BoS:SR?
A - Please read NOTE III under the WINDOWS INSTALLATION header for an answer to this question.

Q - I have found a bug, what do I do?
A - Firstly, replay the section in question a few times using an earlier save or autosave and see if the bug persists. If it still occurs, then we have a problem, and you should first read the section entitled KNOWN BUGS. If you cannot find the bug listed there, then you should read the section entitled BUG REPORTING to learn how to contact me and post a copy of the issue in the comments section.

» FAQ Patcher: Gregthegen

Q - The 1.1 update fails with this error:
"Error: Unhandled exception: Cannot create file "C:\----\----\Directory where you downloaded the mod\Solomons Revenge Patch 1-1-95-1-1\modules\ship6_tmp\add.ncs". The system cannot find the path specified (0)"\
A - That is because the patcher unlike the main install cannot auto detect your kotor directory and is trying to find files in the folder where you extracted it, not your kotor directory. Run the 1.1 patch from your main KOTOR directory (not the override folder) for a successful patch.

» FAQ Mobile: Gregthegen

Q - I want to play this on my Iphone/Ipad/Mac, is this possible?
A - Simply put yes. The long answer is however that I do not know how but it has been done. Google the process for yourself. However Android installation is a breeze, but as for your question I do not own any apple products, so I cannot say.

Q - I am playing on Android but I get no custom VO and it crashes at the Czerka Administration Level !?
A - Unfortunately this is an android specific problem that up until recently no one was able to bypass, I theorize that it is related to memory overflow (the module file size is the largest in KOTOR) a bypass video of this problem is now avalible in this description and in the video section of the modpage. However if someone manages to get the custom audio working please let me know via a PM and Silveredge9 via his twitter. Despite this, due to the bypass the game is now finishable and most* of the in-game armor and quests can be completed, including ALL of the mainquest of BOS and Solomons Revenge.

Q - The tutorial shows windows keybinds in dialogue but I'm playing on android, is my game screwed?
A - Nope, its a consequence of the port using the windows dialogue.tlk and other 2da files, no adverse effects should appear on your android install aside from those listed in this Q and A. You could in fact argue that the modified dialogue during the tutorial
is the games way of telling you the mod install was successful.

Here is a checklist for all equipable items added by BoS:SR. For plot reasons, a few items aren't featured in the list.

    - Arkanian Utility Belt
    - Czerka Miner Uniform
    - Czerka Mining Band
    - Czerka Muscle Suit
    - Czerka Technician Uniform
    - Daemon Drexl's Mask
    - Darth Revan's Lightsaber
    - Darth Revan's Mask
    - Darth Revan's Robes
    - Exchange Battle Armour
    - Jedi Crusader Robe
    - Jedi Seer Robe
    - Kobayashi's Assault Rifle
    - Kobayashi's Band
    - Kobayashi's Exploration Garments
    - Mandalore's Battle Armour
    - Mandalore's Battle Axe
    - Mandalore's Battle Axe
    - Mandalore's Mask
    - Mandalorian Crusader Armour
    - Mandalorian Scout Armour
    - Mandalorian Wars Robe (Black)
    - Mandalorian Wars Robe (Blue)
    - Mandalorian Wars Robe (Brown)
    - Mandalorian Wars Robe (Red)
    - Mandalorian Wars Robe (Yellow)
    - Mec Han'ic's Stun Baton
    - Replica Daemon Drexl Mask
    - Replica Exchange Battle Armour
    - Republic Commando Mask
    - Shadow's Sith Uniform
    - Sith Advisor Mask
    - Sith Advisor Robe
    - Sith Armour
    - Telana's Robes
    - Twi'lek Dancer Costume

- When a female character equips Mandalore's Battle Armour, its appearance is identical to normal Heavy Battle Armour. This is because there is no female skin for that item, as it proved too difficult for me to replicate the male version to any degree of quality.

- If the player saves and then reloads whilst on Mandalore’s bridge, a strange bug can happen which removes Mandalore’s mask. This appears to be an issue with the engine itself, as I have encountered it in both K1 and K2. If you experience this bug, then my advice would be to load the autosave which was created when you entered Mandalore's bridge.

- There is a problem with the display of the minimap in the bos_sincan.mod module. Technically the issue shouldn't exist, yet it does regardless. This may or may not be fixed in future.

- BOSSR seems to crash for certain users anytime that you fight the mandalorians. The easiest fix is just to run past them, but the best fix is on the deadly stream forum. 

Simply just put it into your module folder but be sure to make a backup of the original file. Also you HAVE to be in the previous level to the bridge in order for it take effect. direct download link -

-There is a crash on the Czerka base on Android devices (possibly also on Apple as well), a workaround was posted online by Negative Zero and is discussed in the android installation tutorial video linked to here. It involved renaming czerka 3 to czerka and renaming circle to czerka 3. it removes some armor and sidequests obtainable through normal play, but allows android users to finish the mod.

Please note that the original author has long since moved on, and I am simply an enthusiast uploader who obtained his permission to host the mod, so a bug report is likely unfixable unless an intrepid user fixes it and contacts me with the fix, with which I will upload into a patch for others to download.-Greg.

(Old Info)
There are 2 main ways in which you should contact me to report a bug; email and through Lucasforum. Regardless of which method you choose, be sure to include the information listed below:


If you intend to report the bug through Lucasforum/Deadlystream (Which I would strongly recommend so others become aware of your findings), then you will need to follow the steps below:

1) Go to the Taris Upper City Emporium section of LucasForums at "" and either create an account or login to your existing one. Or Go to the Deadlystream forums and create one there.
2) Search for the thread entitled "[KOTOR] Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge".
3) If the bug hasn't already been posted by another member, post a description of the bug using the information listed above as a guide.

If you intend to report the bug through email, then follow the steps below:

1) Email "[email protected]" with the subject "BoS:SR Bug Report" (note Silveredge has stepped away from modding and might not reply) -Greg
2) Describe the bug using the information listed above as a guide and post a copy of it in the comments section on Nexus.

Darius Solomon/Sith Chastiser/Dark Jedi/Mandalore the Ultimate/Republic Captain..................Scott C. Wentworth
Kobayashi/Corrupted Commoner.....................................................................Eric Braun
Verbal/Sith Trooper..............................................................................Jules Ismail
Telana Solomon/Republic Soldier/Administrator's Assistant........................................Melissa Trudeau
Drunken Pazaak Player/Czerka Miner/Berloc Lee....................................................Dan "ConVito" Conlin
Zeven Etta.......................................................................................Max "Vivvav" Dweck
Republic Soldier/Czerka Employee/Czerka Commando/Admiral Magnus Cole/Mythus Hunt.................Mike "CornetTheory" Hillard
Czerka Technician................................................................................Qui-Gon Glenn
Roosh............................................................................................Daniel "extraction" Nord

Everyone who contributed to Brotherhood of Shadow Solomon's Revenge in their own free time, and for nothing in return, you have our thanks. Silveredge/Greg

- Inryi Forge, for modelling Mandalore's Battle Axe

- Sithspecter, for modelling the Twi'lek child head.

- DSTONEY642000, for helping me to implement minimaps into custom modules, and in most cases, doing it for me.

-Negative Zero for his Android tutorial.

- Quanon, for contributions which are too numerous to list, but i will do so regardless:

    - Ancient Cave Area
    - Artifact Remains Placeable
    - Energy Ball Placeable
    - Grave Placeable
    - Korriban Waste Cave-In Placeable
    - Korriban Waste Rock Placeables
    - Korriban Wastes Canyon Area
    - Mandalore’s Capital Ship Bridge Area
    - Mandalore’s Edited PMHA03 Head
    - Mandalore’s Mask Model
    - Sewer Hatch Placeable
    - Sith Sword Weapon
    - Temple Main Chamber Area

- All the people who contributed their voice talents to Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge characters. You have brought them to life.

- To the people who created the tools which have allowed me to create Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge.

    - Kotor Tool..........................Fred Tetra
    - K-GFF GFF Editor/DLGEditor..........tk102
    - ERF Editor/TSLPatcher...............stoffe
    - MDLOps..............................cchargin/JDNoa
    - AngleToVector Calculator............Glovemaster
    - Lipsynch Editor.....................JDNoa

- The members of Holowan Labs over at who offered their continued support during the development of Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge and its predecessor Brotherhood of Shadow.

- The Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge Beta Testers: Quanon, Emperor Devon, and Marius Fett.

- Permission granted from Svosh to use a texture from his “For the Ladies” Carth mod as a basis for one of my own.

- Permission granted from Kha to use an item from the “Male Hood Pack” mod as a basis for one of my own.

- Darth Revan Mask Model and Texture: T7nowhere

- Darth Revan Robes: SithRevan, Sapphron

With a mod the size of BoS:SR, there is plenty of room for incompatibilities between BoS:SR and mods which both currently exist and have yet to be released. For the former, TSLPatcher should be the answer to the vast majority of these problems. For the latter, the following should provide all the necessary information to avoid any possible confliction with BoS:SR.

The best and easiest way to determine if a file conflicts with one of BoS:SR's files is to attempt to copy it into your Override folder after you have installed BoS:SR. Should you be asked to replace an existing file, then you have a confliction, and will need to make alterations.

Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge uses a number of numerics at various points during the mod. To avoid conflictions which would create major bugs in both BoS:SR and your own mod, do not use the following numerics:

    - Tar_ZelkaRm
    - Tar_Gelrood
    - Tar_PazNik
    - Tar_Christya
    - Tar_YunGend

For BoS:SR to work correctly in conjunction with your own mod, you must not use the Bastila slot at any point following the Leviathan section of the game, as this slot is needed for the Shadow party member.

BoS:SR uses the live_11, live_12, live_13, and legal rows in movies.2DA.

For BoS:SR to work correctly in conjunction with your own mod, you must not use any within the following list as names for your custom modules/module reskins.

    - m60aa
    - m65aa
    - m80aa
    - m80ab
    - m80ac
    - m80az
    - m82aa
    - m82ab
    - m82ac
    - m82ad
    - m82af
    - m82ag
    - m82ak
    - m82ar
    - m82as
    - m82at
    - m82ba
    - m82bb
    - m82bd
    - m82be
    - m82bf
    - m82bh
    - m82bi
    - m82bj
    - m82bk
    - m82bm
    - m95aa

To avoid conflictions between filenames in the override folder, it is strongly recommended that you use filename prefixes for all your mod's files. For example PREFIX_filename.utc.

The most commonly added prefixes to BoS:SR's files are listed below. Do not use them as prefixes for your own files.

    - bos
    - cir
    - cz1
    - cz3
    - cz4
    - ebo
    - exc
    - msp
    - orn
    - rsp
    - sg1
    - sg2
    - sg3
    - sg4
    - sg5
    - swr
    - tem
    - tmp
    - tun
    - wst

To avoid conflictions between BoS:SR's .jrl file and your mods .jrl file, do not use any of the words listed below as tags.

    - admin
    - berloc
    - blackrobed
    - dance
    - drix_meeting
    - ship
    - solomon
    - trando

It may be necessary for you to use a script that is also used by BoS:SR. The most common example would be an existing KoTOR module onenter script such as k_pkor_33arenter or k_ptat17_enter.nss. To allow you to create scripts which are compatible with both BoS:SR and your own mod, I have included in this package the .NSS files for all of BoS:SR's scripts. Find them in the "source scripts" folder.

» Suggested Mods

For a high quality version of Matilda/Shadow, search for Shadow of Revan on DeadlyStream
For a high quality skybox in BOS areas, search High QUality Skyboxes on Deadlystream, underneath there will be a BOSSR section.
Depending on when it is released, I might be updating the Brotherhood with Proper Sith Heads if one is released for Kotor. -Greg

This mod or any of its individual components may not be modified or distributed without the explicit permission of the author unless restricted to your own personal usage.


Remember that if you enjoyed the mod, please endorse it! If not, leave a comment and tell us why.