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  1. Onyx2589
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    So there are a lot of mods on here that require TSL patcher to function, namely the most popular which is Brotherhood of Shadows. And since this seems to be the easier method than simply copying them over, I tried for the last two hours to try and get this thing to work.

    Maybe I'm missing something here. I am no programmer by any means, but these instructions haven't helped me in the slightest. I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong. And since nobody gives enough of a damn to actually put up a tutorial for how to install this thing, step by step, here I stand hoping to get a hold of someone who at least can install it properly.

    Please reply at the earliest convenience.
    1. SpaceDandy69
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      Hi Onyx2589,

      I recently tried reinstalling all my mods for this game and ran into the same problem. I realized that TSL patcher is not actually a tool for us mod USERS to use, it is actually for mod CREATORS. Basically, mod creators will make an executable using TSL patcher that, when ran, installs the mod correctly for you. This executable will be found in the desired mod.

      Example, I was trying to figure out how to use TSL patcher to install the kotor restoration mod and realized all I had to do was open the Restoration mod and run the installer. If you are doing the same as me, you'll notice TSL patcher and the Restoration mod installer .exe have the same icon, that was the first tip off to my realization. I'm currently tinkering more, and will let you know if I find anything else pertinent. Good luck out there.
    2. FrankDarko7
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      Ok so now what? im trying to install mods for this game but I cant use TSL patcher. doesnt work. I had this before wayyyyy back when I had the actual game for PC. I have it now on steam since I cant play with disc on newer windows.
      Anyone have any idea what to do now???
    3. Slendy2
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      rip kotor
    4. brandroyalz
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      need help how to download this exactly
    5. whyDoINeedAcountToDownload
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      the description says it does both
    6. rataje
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      Believe me, most people arent interested in creating a proper Tutorial. Only consumption and done!
      I will post a tutorial if i got figuring out how to use that "replacing" feature.
      I was able to add new Rows with the patcher but the mod still not works!? ([email protected]#!N%)
  2. rataje
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    P.S. The readme file is not really more helpful than the "Description" tab!
  3. shaggoth
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    I don't get it.

    Copy ALL of the files that belong to your mod in the tslpatchdata folder.
    Extract UNALTERED copies of any .2da or GFF files you want the patcher to work with into the tslpatchdata folder. These files are altered then copied into the users override folder if they do not have them already

    But then they'll be overridden with unaltered copy oO is there some mistake or what?