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Characters Revisited for KOTOR 1 is a huge retexture project bringing the best possible vanilla-remade textures to the game. Every characters (PC and NPC) now benefit from ultra sharped/ultra detailed appearance for head and body, fully reworked but still faithful to vanilla original material.

Permissions and credits

The KOTOR Revisited Collection:

This project was borned almost one year ago when I was working on my Revisited serie for KOTOR. And I've been working on it ever since. Now that it is -hopefully- complete, it is time to share it.

The main goal of this mod is to provide reworked -and not simply upscaled- vanilla textures for every characters with an unprecedented level of quality, details and sharpness. Like restoring an ancient work of art, the purpose is to highlight the original material without altering it and make it look as if it was painted yesterday. I'm rather pleased with the result and I hope you will be too.

My main inspiration when working on these textures was the SWTOR game and The Clone Wars serie.

This mod DOES replace textures for EVERY characters in the game:
- Player characters (including every wearable clothes/armors)
- Companions
- All unique and non-unique NPCs
- All Aliens races
- All creatures and animals (specific add-on)
- Some misc elements like Holo, headgears,...

It also includes custom HD portraits for player characters and companions.

This mod DOES NOT replace textures for weapons.

 Characters faces have been completely reworked to bring more life and more details but still preserving the personality and the "soul" of the original character. For clothes and armors the original look has been carefully respected but it's now available with an absolute sharpness, at any distance and any gaming resolution. They all include alpha channel texture to add detailed reflection effect when needed (metalic armor parts, droids,...).

I've used a hand-painted style for these textures which to me fits the game really well and helps keeping the vanilla vibes even with ultra sharp and detailed textures.

Most of these textures are uncompressed TGA 2048x2048 pixels. The total size is 8.7Gb on your HDD once installed. It is a significant size but keep in mind that there are hundreds of 2k textures included in this file.

This pack supports some popular mods (which add their own textures) to help keeping a consistent visual quality (files available under optional files in the download section). In case you are not using them already, they are strongly recommended:

- KOTOR 1 Community Patch: it is supported out of the box meaning that extra textures from the patch are already included in my main file and will replace existing ones in your override folder. However you need to download an extra optional file if you want to use the alternative clothes for commoners (see pics - I recommend this one). In case you want to install it be aware that K1C patch is only available for a few languages so check before download.

- JC's Cloaked Jedi Robes: my file replaces robes textures from JC's mod with 2k reworked version in line with other clothes from my mod (see pics). ONLY THE 100% BROWN VERSION is supported by me (so all the jedi robes will be brown if you use my textures over original ones).

- Effixian's Qel-Droma Robes Reskin: same as above but for the Qel-Droma robe (see pics). This mod requires JC's Cloaked Jedi Robes .

- Stormie97's Juhani Appearance Overhaul: my file replaces the body/head/portrait from this mod (see pics). The base textures from this -great- overhaul are a bit low in resolution but now with my revisited version Juhani looks really stunning!

- As a bonus I've also made an alternative default outfit for Bastila and Mission. No dependency, just extract and overwrite existing file.

About the visual dark transition of the player character:

I've kept only 3 steps (instead of 5 in vanilla): Light / Dark / Darkest. Also I did not like the undead look of the dark characters when they reach highest levels of darkness, so I've modified a bit the visual impact of the dark path: lesser pale skin, and yellow eyes for dark, red eyes for darkest. Some examples are visible in the pics.

Follow these steps:

1/ Extract the files (Main and Updates) and drop the Override folders in your game install folder. Overwrite existing files if/when asked.

2/ Same as above if you've downloaded optional files for supported mods. Obviously make sure that these mods are already installed in your game before installing my textures (main and optionals). Extract the file and drop the Override folder in your game install folder. Overwrite existing files if/when asked.

3/ This step is mandatory! Download and use the Removes duplicate TGA/TPC tool (easy to use but read the description). When asked delete the TPC duplicates. By doing this, you make sure there is no conflict with existing modded TPC files in your Override folder so my textures will appear as expected in your game.

4/ Enjoy.

If you want to use this characters overhaul (and its creatures add-on) along my others Revisited packs (which I obviously recommend), be sure to install this one last. It contains new textures for some creatures and aliens and has to overwrite existing ones from my other packs.

- Could you make a TPC version?
I know that it is a big file and it would really benefit from compressed format. I've planned to look at it but keep in mind that there are hundreds of textures in this pack so it is really time consuming to compress/convert everything. My main goal was first to complete the mod and be able to share it.

- Is there a performance hit using this?
Using this mod alone I don't think there will be a big impact on performance. However combined with other textures overhaul (like my Revisited serie for planets and cities) you may notice a loss of fps (which is normal after all since you are playing the game with full 2k textures resolution). Nothing game breaking after my own testing but might be worse on low-end PCs.

- So is it only another upscaled vanilla pack? What's the difference between this and the Ultimate Textures Overhaul?
In my work, upscaling original textures is only the first (and fastest) step in a way more complex and time-consuming process. Unlike existing vanilla upscaled packs, every single texture -once upscaled- has been manually reworked, revised, edited and tested. Upscaled textures are fine (and I've also used them heavily when I started playing kotor) but it will never be as good as the human touch and sensitivity. Just like everything about AI created content: it's fast and effective, but soulless.

- Can you add support for X mod?
Please leave a suggestion in the comments section.

- I saw a low res head/body texture in my game, can you fix?
Please report it in the comments section. An uploaded pic of the blurry character/armor/clothe would really help me to identify the texture. Also make sure it is not from a modded extra content before reporting.

- Tools used to create these textures: Topaz Photo AI - Adobe Photoshop - KSE - Lot of coffee.
- HD portraits for player characters are from Party Portraits by MadDerp. I've used them as a base to create my own portraits style. Companions portraits are 100% original content made by me.
- Lightsabers from the pics are from the New Lightsaber Blade Model mod by Crazy34. Heavily recommended.
- I've used Ultimate Character Overhaul -REDUX- to help me identify all the textures which had to be redone. So thanks to its author ShiningRedHD for helping me to avoid the laborious process of files identification.