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KOTORModSync is a multi-mod installer for KOTOR games that makes it easier to install and manage mods.

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Install multiple mods at once without worrying about compatibility or tedious clicking.

I usually install the Reddit mod build every year or so. The process takes about an hour and it's repetitive moving files, running tslpatcher, deleting specific files, and occasionally renaming some files. The last time I installed the modbuild I made a mistake on a single different step, 3 times in a row. Most mistakes require a full restart from the beginning. This is tedious, so I decided to create an installer creator in C# to simplify the process.
Please see for the main repo.
Please report any bugs or problems you encounter. While I test this heavily, it's difficult to find any and all problems when incorporating 200+ mod instructions across dozens of operating systems and platform combinations. If you happen to notice something odd or out of place, please report it.

Mod creators work really hard on their mods. It's the least we can do to install them and use them, right? However, who wants to reinstall to vanilla and spend several hours reinstalling mods, just to add 1 or 2 extra mods on top of it? Other mod managers I've tried were either too difficult to configure, require significant changes to a hard-to-understand configuration file, or only provided limited functionality for defining new mods. KOTOR mods definitely can have complex dependency relationships with each other in regard to compatibility, due to the nature and age of TSLPatcher.

If you are an end user just wanting to install some mods, simply load up the instruction files provided, choose the mods you want from the left list and any options, and press 'Start an install'. See the video tutorial here: Installing Mods with KOTORModSync - YouTube
If you are a mod developer, this program contains a full-blown instruction editor that'll allow you to quickly create instructions for your mod and define its compatibility with other mods. See Dependencies/Restrictions and InstallBefore/InstallAfter explanation - for more information. See the video tutorial here: Creating involved instructions for KOTORModSync - YouTube

  • Can install the mod builds in about 20 minutes with a few clicks.
  • Supports TSLPatching on mac/linux natively without wine!
  • Select the individual mods you want for an install - the dependencies and incompatibilities will automatically be chosen and sorted. This means end users don't have to worry about specific instructions regarding other mods in the list.
  • All the compatibility steps are handled internally by KOTORModSync and the default instructions files are provided here. An end user simply can select the mods they want to install in the left list, and any customizations if they like, and simply press 'Install All' to have everything installed automatically.
  • This program has a built-in GUI editor and an installer packed into one. Modbuild creators can create instructions with little to no knowledge of the format and easily share them with end users. End users can install everything from the instruction file with a simple click of a button. Edit any instructions and verify the configuration with built-in tools. There's also some support to dry run an install.
  • A flexible configuration editor and parser utilizing TOML syntax. This is very user-friendly and similar to INI which TSLPatcher already uses and most modders are used to.
  • Create instructions files with complex dependency structures for multiple mods, and have end users install everything exactly according to the instructions created. No more manually copying/deleting files: KOTORModSync handles all of that for your end user.
KOTORModSync is a cross-platform 32-bit and 64-bit .NET application. It is compatible with the following operating systems:
  • Windows 7 and 8: Compatible if running .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher.
  • Windows 10 and 11: Fully compatible with any Windows release.
  • Linux and Mac: Fully supported


This man saved me a countless amount of hours. I'd still be struggling through game glitches and mod-specific instructions I didn't understand. Actually, I'd probably still be on Dantooine trying to determine why I'm getting visual glitches and crashes which he solved with the one-word message 'grass'.
Created HoloPatcher and the PyKotor library that KOTORModSync uses to patch mods. These projects are the main reason KOTORModSync can be supported on Mac/Linux. While the PyKotor/HoloPatcher projects have had some issues, this guy was more or less available for comment if I had questions on how I could fix any remaining problems myself.
There were so many KOTOR-specific things to learn, without his help I'd still be trying to deserialize encapsulated resource files. His time and patience were incredibly useful to the project and this project would be impossible without him.
Thank you for helping test that obnoxious UAC elevation problem legacy Windows apps like TSLPatcher have.

Other notable users
Provided the Perl source code of TSLPatcher on GitHub, and generally maintained the TSLPatcher project in Stoffe's absence.
Creator of TSLPatcher
Thank you to the entire KOTOR modding community for what you do.