Knights of the Old Republic
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Improves the AI of KotOR 1.

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Improves the AI of KotOR 1.


- Companions and most other NPCs use blaster feats (except droids their animations are buggy)
- Enemy forceusers now use Force Breach and Lightsaber Throw (previously the AI ignored these force powers completely)
- Enemy forceusers now use force buffs more often (Force Speed, Force Armor ect...)
- NPCs with the Force Jump feat actually do force jumps if they are further than 10m from the target
- Enemys reactivate shields after 200s
- Some minor bug fixes
- Jedi Support AI reworked
- NPCs use Master Rapid Shot or Master Flurry if available instead of the default attack
- NPCs use the highest level of feats and force powers available to them

If you upgrade from version 1.0.3 or earlier delete all files with .utc file extension from your Override folder that were included in those versions.