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Fixed a bug for the pazaak tournament in KotOR 1 Restoration 1.2 mod where you can't finish by legitimely winning the match with the Droid.

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I encountered a bug while playing the K1R mod where if you beat the droid in the pazaak tournament legitimately the quest bugs out and does not register that you won and everyone gets all stupid and nobody will talk to you, making the quest broken. 

I couldn't stand for that and went on the hunt for a fix. I found this reddit thread and a user named Eddeothus gets all the credit for the fix because all i did was follow his instructions which can be found in his post so you could just follow his instructions or simply download this file place in in the override folder and boom you can finish the quest properly. This mod will also work even after you win the match and everyone is standing around waiting for something to happen.

issues: there is an exploit apparently if you lose where you can continuously get money from the guy at the desk. i didn't test this as i just wanted to move on with the quest.

I'm not planning on updating this as it was for my own use and it did what i wanted i just thought some people might need/want it.

I hope it helps.