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Summary: This mod changes many aspects of the game to be better, more streamlined and more exciting. I added a new Ops Boss, (SWtOR style) made new equipment for characters, and made many systems of the game better. (Auto Level-Up optimization, increased Force power duration, better companion progression, etc.)

Permissions and credits
v1.1.1 Additional Mod Contents (In-Depth):
-Noticed that the 'Endless' Detonator custom item I made was not in fact endless. I fixed that.

v1.1 Additional Mod Contents (In-Depth):
-Added "Operations" boss in the crystal caves on Dantooine.
-Added custom companion equipment which they get when they join the party.
-Increased Force power durations.
-Edited Yuka Laka's store to sell infinite upgrades. (In addition to the +10 Repair/Computer-Use Armbands)
-Edited some typos from v1.0 items.

v1.0 Mod Contents (In-Depth):

(Note: I will do my best to avoid all spoilers. Although, 
it IS 2018 and the game was made in 2003...NO JUDGEMENT THOUGH!!!)

-Changed recommended Force powers to more optimal recommendations.
-Changed recommended skill priority for all classes.
-Adjusted the recommended feats for all classes.
-Adjusted recommended starting attributes to make them more balanced for when 
the player chooses their Jedi class.
-Increased skill points for several classes. In addition, their respective Jedi 
classes (if applicable) have the same number as their non-Jedi class so you can 
continue to advance all skill points you have already picked.
-Changes all armors to be usable with all Force powers.
-Removes the Max Dexterity Bonus on all armors.
-Mild increase in Force points gained per level for all Jedi classes.
-Adjusted the distribution of Force powers gained. (All extra powers the 
Consular gets is obtained at level 1 Jedi consular.)
-Adjusted starting feats so Soldier and Scoundrel classes start with flurry and 
rapid shot feats.
-Recommended feats are designed to make all non-Jedi companions 
(excluding droids) melee characters. (Note: Soldiers get ranged feats 
recommended from level 9 onwards.)
-Adjusted feat gains of several classes. All Jedi classes will receive the 
same number of feats as your main character will throughout the adventure. 
(i.e. An 8/12 Soldier/Guardian will receive 14 feats. Your Guardian companion 
will receive 14 feats.)
-Adjusted the cost of using opposite alignment Force powers. (A light-sided 
Jedi casting a dark side power.) You may now use opposite powers for much less, 
but you will also receive less of a discount on same-side powers.
-Added a new item set to the game that will increase computer use and 
repair to 20. It can be purchased at Yuka Lakka's store on Tatooine; the same 
place you can buy... something that needs repairs.
-Adjusted companion experience to trail the main character by 
only 5% instead of 20%.
-Made all skills class skills for all classes.
-Skills such as security and demolitions can be used even if you have 
0 skill in them.
-Removed level restrictions on Force powers.
-Adjusted the dialog.tlk file to reflect several changes. (Force with 
armor, Force level restrictions, etc.)
-Adjusted companions starting feats and stats to better reflect 
changes of the mod. (i.e. All companions start at level 1 and have 
slight changes to starting stats and feats.)
-Added very powerful "custom optimized gear" in the temple catacombs 
of the R------ Temple (The same area with the floor tiles you need to step on.)