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Summary: This mod changes many aspects of the game to be better, more streamlined and more exciting. I added a new Ops Boss, (SWtOR style) made new equipment for characters, and made many systems of the game better. (Auto Level-Up optimization, increased Force power duration, better companion progression, etc.)

Permissions and credits
v2.0 TSLPatcher Compatible!!!
-After some time and many emails encouraging me to do so, I have learned to make mods with the TSL Patcher. Now you can use this mod with existing mods and really appreciate the way the mod in various other ways. Thanks for all of the downloads and endorsements. I had no clue this mod would become as popular as it has.

v1.1.1 Additional Mod Contents (In-Depth):
-Noticed that the 'Endless' Detonator custom item I made was not in fact endless. I fixed that.

v1.1 Additional Mod Contents (In-Depth):
-Added "Operations" boss in the crystal caves on Dantooine.
-Added custom companion equipment which they get when they join the party.
-Increased Force power durations.
-Edited Yuka Laka's store to sell infinite upgrades. (In addition to the +10 Repair/Computer-Use Armbands)
-Edited some typos from v1.0 items.

v1.0 Mod Contents (In-Depth):
(Note: I will do my best to avoid all spoilers. Although, 
it IS 2018 and the game was made in 2003...NO JUDGEMENT THOUGH!!!)

-Changed recommended Force powers to more optimal recommendations.
-Changed recommended skill priority for all classes.
-Adjusted the recommended feats for all classes.
-Adjusted recommended starting attributes to make them more balanced for when 
the player chooses their Jedi class.
-Increased skill points for several classes. In addition, their respective Jedi 
classes (if applicable) have the same number as their non-Jedi class so you can 
continue to advance all skill points you have already picked.
-Changes all armors to be usable with all Force powers.
-Removes the Max Dexterity Bonus on all armors.
-Mild increase in Force points gained per level for all Jedi classes.
-Adjusted the distribution of Force powers gained. (All extra powers the 
Consular gets is obtained at level 1 Jedi consular.)
-Adjusted starting feats so Soldier and Scoundrel classes start with flurry and 
rapid shot feats.
-Recommended feats are designed to make all non-Jedi companions 
(excluding droids) melee characters. (Note: Soldiers get ranged feats 
recommended from level 9 onwards.)
-Adjusted feat gains of several classes. All Jedi classes will receive the 
same number of feats as your main character will throughout the adventure. 
(i.e. An 8/12 Soldier/Guardian will receive 14 feats. Your Guardian companion 
will receive 14 feats.)
-Adjusted the cost of using opposite alignment Force powers. (A light-sided 
Jedi casting a dark side power.) You may now use opposite powers for much less, 
but you will also receive less of a discount on same-side powers.
-Added a new item set to the game that will increase computer use and 
repair to 20. It can be purchased at Yuka Lakka's store on Tatooine; the same 
place you can buy... something that needs repairs.
-Adjusted companion experience to trail the main character by 
only 5% instead of 20%.
-Made all skills class skills for all classes.
-Skills such as security and demolitions can be used even if you have 
0 skill in them.
-Removed level restrictions on Force powers.
-Adjusted the dialog.tlk file to reflect several changes. (Force with 
armor, Force level restrictions, etc.)
-Adjusted companions starting feats and stats to better reflect 
changes of the mod. (i.e. All companions start at level 1 and have 
slight changes to starting stats and feats.)
-Added very powerful "custom optimized gear" in the temple catacombs 
of the R------ Temple (The same area with the floor tiles you need to step on.)