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Adds three dialog option to the first conversation with Trask Ulgo, allowing you to skip the Endar Spire, or Taris completely, even with light side or dark side points, and all Taris vanilla items.

Permissions and credits
I am only reuploading this mod to prevent the possible loss of it as GameFront is also shutting down. Thus, I shall receive no credit for this mod as all credit is for the appropriate authors.

Link to the original post by the creator:

About mod:
This mod will modify Trask’s dialog giving it some extra dialog options.
There are 3 additional options (Skip Endar Spire, LS skip Taris, DS skip Taris.)
Reason why it is called super:
It has both LS and DS skip Taris options
No need in replacing something
All items from standard game-play will be given to you
It will add all party members that you get on Taris to your party (Carth, Bastila, Mission, etc)
It sets all globals and Booleans to the right LS/DS value, that prevents your game from the doom
It gives you alignment/experience points and credits, the same amount with the standard game-play

Special thanks to:
Lit Ridl - for the whole mod
Yaggles - for mod idea
STOFFE - for TSLpatcher
Darth HaHa - he forced me to do it, why? I don't know