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Reduced Gummi Ship Cost

1. Drop the .pak file into ".\Kingdom Hearts III and Re-Mind\KINGDOM HEARTS III\Content\Paks\~mods"
If the ~mods folder does not exist you need to create it.

2. Remember to backup your saves before installing mods.
Location: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\KINGDOM HEARTS III\Epic Games Store\\SaveGames


This mod will reduce the building cost for all gummi ship parts. All parts will now be below 20CP. Hopefully this will allow for more creativity when building.

Important Points

1. I haven't had a lot of time to test this mod so, if there are any oversights please let me know. Remember to backup your saves.

2. This will work on existing saves.

3. Golden Highwind's cost has been reduced from 3853 to 948.

4. Options and Figures have had their item limit increased to 99.

5. I increased the stats of the cake block, to allow easy stat boosting.

New Cost Values

Angular: 1 CP
Rounded: 1 CP
Cylindrical: 1 CP
Aero: 1 CP

Cannon: 20 CP
Laser: 20 CP
Impact: 20 CP

Engine: 10 CP
Wing: 10 CP
Wheel: 10 CP

Cockpit: 15 CP
Shield: 15 CP
Option: 5 CP
Figure: 5 CP

Mod Compatibility

As far as I know there is no mod on the Nexus that edits the cost of gummi ship parts, so you shouldn't have any compatibility issues.

This mod edits the following files:

Angular: EdgeGummiPartsData
Rounded: CurveGummiPartsData
Cylindrical: PipeGummiPartsData
Aero: AeroGummiPartsData

Cannon: ShootingGummiPartsData
Laser: LaserGummiPartsData
Impact: StrikeGummiPartsData

Engine: EngineGummiPartsData
Wing: WingGummiPartsData
Wheel: WheelGummiPartsData

Cockpit: CockpitGummiPartsData
Shield: ShieldGummiPartsData
Option: OptionGummiPartsData
Figure: CharacterGummiPartsData