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Adds every item you could possibly want into the shop.

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before you ask.
Are synthesis materials included? Yes.
Are weapons included? Yes.
Are accessories included? Yes.
Are maps included? Yes.
Are summons included? Yes.
Are reports included? Yes.
Are stat boosts included? Yes.
Are key items included? Yes.
What about food? Yes.
Does synthesis materials include orichalcum+? Yes.
Ultima weapon is here right? Yes.
Is there a way to get enough munny to buy all these goodies? Yes.
Does this include gummi parts? Actually no.
When can I purchase these items? All items should be available as soon as you can get to a shop.

A couple of extra things I should mention, you can buy more than one Kupo Coin now, I have no idea how buying summons and key items before you're meant to get them will behave so use with caution, and I did not change the value of anything except for the item with a negative buy price, so lots of items have a price of 0.