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Replace Sora with Joker from Persona 5! Still a work in progress.

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"This is Joker... The mission has begun..."


A mod that aims to replace Sora with Joker from Persona 5.

So far, the model's replaced are:

Base Sora -> Dancing Joker

Pirate Sora -> Phantom Thief Joker

Monster Sora -> Demi-Fiend

Toy Sora -> Toy Joker (Currently colors only)

KH2 Sora -> Winter Casual Joker

This isn't the end of the models; we plan to replace every model of Sora with Joker!

There are also other, small additions to the game that have been requested by my friends. So:

Item Replacements

In order of the game files:

The Laughter Pin
The Mickey Clasp
The Forest Clasp
The Flannaversy Badge
The Hero's Belt
Buster Band
Petit Ribbon
Grand Ribbon
AR Device
Kupo Coin

Other items may get replaced in the future!


The Current Version of Project Phantom should be compatibility with almost every single mod that does not replace Sora's model or textures!

If you are having compatibility issues, such as broken textures on Joker, please ensure that Project Phantom is the last loaded! If it is loaded before any mod that changes Sora's textures, the texture maps are going to break!!!

Thank you to the OpenKH Discord for helping me with several issues I had during the development of this version. I plan to add Voice Lines when I can, but that may take a lot of time. I do plan on getting a small team together to help improve this mod into a more finished product. If you would like to come into contact with me, you can reach my discord at "Leo#9220" My DMs should be open for you to message me, just please don't add me as a friend there as I will most likely not accept unless I know who you are!

Message to content creators!!!!!

Hi! Thanks for seeing interest in this mod! If you have any questions at all, please contact me on Discord at Leo#9220. I am fully willing to talk about the development of the mod and answer any questions you may have! Thank you again, OH, and please link back to this mod page so other people can try the mod out for themselves! 


-The Vicennial Update-

Alright, so this project is not dead, but is in a very unactive development, I am only one person after all haha.

After watching Bio-Roxas's stream on the Vicennial Trace update, I felt inspired to update the form changes in my mod to help with "Compatibility".

The forms currently are:

SECOND FORM -> Vicennial Form (original, I know, but I did make a mod for Persona 5 Royal with this mod that you can play now here -> Vicennial Phantom Thieves - A Kingdom Hearts based texture swap at Persona 5 Royal Nexus - Mods and Community (

STRIKE FORM -> Heart Form (Homestuck reference - Joker is the Rouge of Heart)

ELEMENT FORM -> Lyre Form (Based off Orpheus, the starting Persona of Persona 3)

GAURDIAN FORM -> Truth Form (Based off Izanagi, the starting Persona of Persona 4)

BLITZ FORM -> Quick Form (Based off Sonic the Hedgehog, as Atlus is owned by SEGA)

ULTIMATE FORM -> Cross Form (Basically Ultimate Form, but with some Vicennial additions) 

LIGHT FORM -> Faith Form (Based off of Violet's Persona from Persona 5 Royal)

DARK FORM -> Rebel's Form (Based off of Arsene, Joker's starting Persona)

DOUBLE FORM -> Velvet Form (Based off of The Velvet Room)