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Attacks inspired by Clive's Summon Power from Final Fantasy XVI

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This mod also comes with Last Charge Re:Union, since this move extension 

By pressingO (I only try using PS4 controller) during the animation of Last Charge Re:Union, You can use Dominance Stance. During this stance, you can activate 4 different moves by hold tliting Left analog stick in a different direction and press O

Note: Since this use the same animation extension as Hearts of the Sky, Ocean, and Land. I decide to include them in as well. Press L analog during Dominance Stance to switch to Heart Stance

See them in action here.

Dominance Stance
- Can slowly move around horizontally
- Press L analog to switch to Hearts Stance (Hearts Stance command are change to Hold Direction input and press O)

Phoenix Ascend
- Hold L analog Up + O
- Teleport toward the enemy at midrange, strike, and launch them upward with Phoenix's wing
- Deal Fire damage
* Might cause out of bound in some area

Garuda's Vortex
- Hold L analog Left + O
- Spin upward while slashing with Garuda's claw, then descend while spinning rapidly, end with a final slash.
- Deal Wind damage
- Can move while attacking

Titan's Wrath
- Hold L analog Right + O
- Stomp to cause a shockwave that knockup, throw keyblade into the air to summon Titan's fist that smashes the ground below.
- Deal Physical damage (There are no Earth element)
- Can brefily move while at the beginning

Ramuh's Storm
- Hold L analog Down + O
- Summon Ramuh's staff to control a ball of lighting that spin around you while slowly increase its radius, then call a piller of lightning to draw enemy from afar toward Sora.
- Deal Lightning damage
- Can move while attacking

* This mod will conflict with any mod that changes Sora's attack data.