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A big overhaul that switches Sora with Terra along with most of his signature abilities, keyblades etc. including custom formchanges for Earthshaker, Ends of the Earth, No Name and many more!

Permissions and credits

This is an effort to make the game fully playable as Terra along with custom stuff to change the experience .
This does include cutscenes but without face animations cause aint nobody got time for that.


- New playable characters : Terra, Lingering Will and Terranort (coat and regular clothes)

- New combos

- New keyblades

- New formchanges 

- New custom weapon transformations for Ends of the Earth

...and much, much more!

(PS: I suggest always locking on in Earthen Will form or you will miss a lot)


- Some cutscenes will still show Sora because Id have to replace NPC Sora for those specifically which would break ally Sora unless i modded him too.

- teleporting moves can teleport you through walls if used in very tight spaces so just don’t use those in those scenarios.

- When fighting Terranort and using Rage Form only 1 of you will have a voice at a time because they use the same soundbank file.

- Ally NPC Sora uses Terra's/LW's/Terranort's voice aswell.

- Cooking shows Sora but works fine.

- If you notice a formchange not working correctly it is because that formchange has not been implemented yet.

- Certain Shotlocks are not yet fully implemented.

- During Terra animations imported from BbS the shoulder will have a slight deformation. I haven’t found a way to fix that but you probably won’t even see it during regular gameplay.

 FAQ :

Q: Does this replace other playable characters such as Riku or Aqua ? 
A: No, no changes there.

Q: Does Terra have physics  ? 
A: Yes. I will never upload a character without physics.

Q: Is Terra shrinked in any way  ? 
A: Nope this uses his ingame model and skeleton and he is playable in his full glory.

Q: Is this compatible with other big character mods such as Equinox, Embrace etc.  ? 
A: Obviously not.

Q: Is this compatible with Modloader/Improved Movement  ? 
A: Yes it is BUT Improved Movement menu wont appear unless you also have Modloader activated. You dont actually need to add it to Modloader. Modloader just needs to be activated in your modlist.

Q: Will there be updates to this ? 
A: Yes, whenever I feel like working more on this, there will be an update. 

Q: Will the known issues get fixed ?
A: maybe, maybe not. But theyre all very minor imo so you should be good.

Q: Why is the Guardian missing from Lingering Will version ? 
A: Because it didnt make any sense for Lingering Will to use the Guardian.


There's a lot of people who helped me with this but I'm gonna try to list them all:

- Aproydtix for general assistance and teaching me most of what I know aswell as his Chaos Ripper
- Lightfinder626 for showing me how to do custom transformations and letting me use pretty much all of his whip stuff
- Mr. Puzzles for most of the custom art you see in this mod
- Keytotruth for porting BbS animations for me to use them in this mod 
- @george_p_g from Twitter for new HUD faces
- Dasmantissimo for the HUD faces in earleir versions aswell as his D-Link Idea
- Discount for discovering how to add sound to fx where there originally was'nt one
- Millioti for general assistance and some assets
- Truebladeseeker for some assets I used
- Ferris Halliwell for his Terra voice mod
- Majoris for the Rage Form Terranort Blueprint 
- ToxicTalus for assistance with said Blueprint
- dh for general assistance
- Evernight13 for testing and feedback
- Iven for general assistance
- Richy5 for the broken armor model
- Quoy for letting me use his video on this page 
- Chris Shade for the Caribbean and Quadratum models aswell as several other fixes and additions
- probably many more people from the KH Discord so if I forgot you pls let me know