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The definitive KH3 Riku mod. Gameplay has been overhauled, bugs have been fixed, and now you can complete the campaign as him.

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So, good news to those of you who stuck around and held out hope for an update.
I'm here to present to you a small glimpse of the new version of Project Equinox!
A more complete version compared to the one that came before, now available for download on Nexus Mods.

Shout-out to KurasaNick for his tremendous work on this project.
While I did tweak some things here and there from the initial version of the mod that you can find on YouTube,
it was him that really took on filling in the gaps and refreshing things to make this the best KH3 Riku mod it could be.
New combo mods, missing animations, bug fixes... all that can be attributed to him and his hard work.
And of course, we have the OpenKH community to thank as well for their feedback and resources.

Special thanks to Aproydtix for his assistance to both of us, DarkOdin for lending me the Station of Awakening mod,
and of course Str_Petrichor for his handy asset editor.


Cooking shows Sora but works fine.
Meow Wow Balloon has bugged animations but work fine.
Formchange auras will stack unless you use a finisher.
Formchanges are variable levels of buggy. (In progress, more info below.)
Aside from Kingdom Key, Elemental Encoder, Hero's Origin, and Favorite Deputy, Shotlocks are buggy. (In progress.)

-- FAQ --

Q: What's changed about this mod?
A: A lot. A great deal of the bugs have been fixed, and Riku's been given all the necessary animations to complete the game, and then some.

Q: What happened to the custom Keyblades?
A: So initially, this mod had two versions: one with custom Keyblades, and one without. We've decided to build off of the second version of the mod, which only replaces Kingdom Key and Elemental Encoder with Braveheart and Way to the Dawn respectively. Just to give people more freedom in choosing what kinds of Keyblades they wanna wield, and make it compatible with other weapon mods people might wanna use. (I've already uploaded the other weapon mods like the Revenge of Chaos and the Phantom Staff separately, and they should work like a charm with this mod.)

Q: Which Formchanges are finished?
A: Second Form, Rage Form, Counter Shield, Hyper Hammer, Drill Punch, Mirage Staff, Light Form, and Dark Form are all pretty much 100% complete at the moment.

Q: Will there be future updates to this?
A: There's at least one more update planned, for Formchanges and Shotlocks. As mentioned above though, the Kingdom Key and Elemental Encoder Shotlocks are fine though. Those have been reworked into variants of Dark Firaga and Dark Divide. The rest will come in a future update.


Installing this is as simple as placing the unzipped file in the 'Paks' folder wherever you have the game installed.