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Unlock ReMind abilities by progressing through the main game, instead of gaining them all at once at the end. Also slightly adjusts when you get MP increases, so Magic is a bit more viable in the mid-game, particularly on Critical Mode. (MP Changes are optional: there's an alternate file download without them)

Permissions and credits
Abilities that unlock in the post-game are now given to you throughout the main story, giving a greater sense of progression and making combat feel smoother early on. This mod also gives you some of the ReMind scenario's MP levels early, so you have more Magic to work with. It works out to +15 MP (or +7MP for Critical Mode) by Arendelle, but you'll have the same Max MP as usual by the end of the ReMind scenario. For those who want just the ability progression but no adjustments to MP, there is an alternate version you can download.

This mod is fully compatible on existing save files. When you install it and load your save, game will automatically give the abilities you should've unlocked. Removing the mod will also remove the abilities from your save.

NOTE: If you downloaded this from Twitter, consider updating to the version on this page, particularly if you plan on using multiple mods at once. I cleaned up the file, reducing its size by ~70%, making it more compatible with other mods.


To install, just drop the .pak file into the paks folder:
...\EpicGames\KH_3\KINGDOM HEARTS III\Content\Paks

Mod Breakdown

This is where you unlock each ability (for those who don't like surprises):

Flash Step - Satyr Fight (Olympus)
Aerial Sweep - Tornado Titan (Olympus)
Aerial Dive - Grim Guardianess (Kingdom of Corona)
Quick Slash - Ninja Nobodies Fight (1st encounter) (Arendelle)
Radial Blaster - Marshmallow (Arendelle)
Last Charge - Dark Baymax (San Fransokyo)

As for MP adjustments, I removed the following MP+3 bonuses from clearing these fights:

Anti-Aqua (ReMind)
Xigbar and Dark Riku (ReMind)
Luxord, Larxene, and Marluxia (ReMind)
Vanitas and Terra-Xehanort (ReMind)
Saix (ReMind)

And added MP+5 bonuses to:

First battle with Rapunzel/Flynn (Kingdom of Corona)
Electrified Room (Monstropolous)
Ninja Nobodies Fight (1st encounter) (Arendelle)

Known Issues

Once you clear the final boss and enter post-game, you'll have duplicates of the abilities, and it will automatically unequip the ones you already had. In NG+ they'll carry over as usual (just one of each), but will unlock duplicates again at the various points where you gain them. I will try to fix this if I can, but this mod is only meant to affect a first playthrough anyway, so just delete the file (or rename the file extension from .pak to something else, then rename it back if you want to use it again) and your game will return to normal.