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About this mod

This mod makes it possible to bind the console command "g_showHUD 0" and "g_showHUD 1" to a single custom key

Permissions and credits

I wanted to make the console command "g_showHUD 0" and "g_showHUD 1" bindable to a single custom key.
By default the key to Hide/Show the HUD is "0" but you can bind it to every key you want

The mod is localized english/german/czech (thx Mazii)

It is compatible with Perkaholic and Loot info as I use them myself and I have not noticed
any negative effects by leaving the entries for their localization in the "localization.xml" if these mods are not present.

Two more versions:

I recntly found No compass - No healthbar with keybindings by Silverado so I created 2 additional versions using the console commands:
"wh_ui_showCompass 0" / "wh_ui_showCompass 1" and "wh_ui_ShowStats 0" / "wh_ui_ShowStats 1"
I did not know about these commands as they are KCD specific while the "g_showHud" commands are CryEngine defaults.
Credit for these, at least for me, go to him.

While "g_showHUD 0" hides the whole HUD, " the commands  "wh_ui_showCompass 0" and "wh_ui_ShowStats 0"
only hide compass or statusbar, the rectile and buff-icons will stay. See my screenshots...

4 different versions:

MadHUD:       Hide/ Show HUD
                         ...default key "0" 

MadHudext:   Hide/Show HUD - Hide/Show compass - Hide/Show statusbar 
                         ...default key "0"       ...default key "9"             ...default key "8" 

MadSilver:      Hide/Show compass - Hide/Show statusbar
                             ...default key "0"             ...default key "9" 

MadHudExtRet:   Hide/Show HUD - Hide/Show compass - Hide/Show statusbar - Hide/Show reticle

                         ...default key "0"       ...default key "9"             ...default key "8"              ...default key "7"


If the key is quick pressed/released the HUD will hide, if the same key is pressed and hold for a bit the HUD shows up again


Extract the content of the downloaded zip-file to the "Mods" folder of your game.
If you don't have one, just create it.

It should look like this: ...\KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods
Full default path for a steam-installation: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods

Changed files:


I also created a combined version of my alternate and bindable key to mount a horse and this one, it is called "MadCont" and you will find it in Optional Files.
Also created combined versions for MadHUDext and MadSilver. They are called "MadContExt" and "MadContSilver".

If you want to merge this with any other mod or add it to your own mod, feel free to do so. But give credits.

Known Problems:

Not really a problem, but:
While I tested every version I made, I encountered some strange behavior. Sometimes I had to switch languages back and forth
(eng-ger-eng-ger) while in Main menu to force the new options to appear and after loading in game I had to do the same.
I only had to do this once per version, and also not for all, means after restarting the game everything was fine. 

Everything works as it should except for that little initial difficulties which occured late while testing.
Maybe it only happened because the game was a bit confused by constantly switching from more options to less options... :)

edit: I think it was one of the optional files, probably "MadContExt", wich behaved so strange.
I will have a look at it again in the next few days.
        I recommend to only download the main files as all of them worked perfectly fine.

How to merge:


1: Open keybindSuperactions.xml in your favourite editor
2: Search for "mount"
3: Delete <action name="mount_horse" map="player" /> and <action name="horse_dismount" map="horse" />
4: Paste the following below <!-- OTHER / MINIGAMES -->:

<superaction name="mad_hud" ui_group="other" ui_name="@ui_text_madhud" ui_tooltip="" keyboard="writeable">
<action consoleCMD="1" name="g_showHUD 0" map="default" />
<action consoleCMD="1" name="g_showHUD 1" map="default" />
<control input="0" controller="keyboard" />


1: Open defaultProfile.xml in your favourite editor
2: Search for "<actionmap name="default" version="22">"
3: Paste the following below this entry:

<action consoleCMD="1" name="g_showHUD 0""1" keyboard="_keybinds_ref_"/>
<action consoleCMD="1" name="g_showHUD 1""1" holdTriggerDelay="0.5" keyboard="_keybinds_ref_"/>


1: Open localization.xml in your favourite editor
2: Add <entry>text_ui_madhud.xml</entry> below the last entry of the <localization> block


Thanks to dimasnik and his great More Functions for Mouse Right Button mod which inspired me to do this.
Thanks to Mazii for the Czech translation