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Disable first person camera shaking while standing, walking, running or sitting on horse

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Disable Headbob

Since the game was released I wanted to find a way to reduce head bobbing. Also some users reported to get nausey by the head bobbing. Console variables like cl_headbob didn't work. Now I think I found the way to remove head bobbing :)

It works for Henry standing, walking, running or sitting on horse.

There are 3 different editions
They reduce movement headbob to 10, 30 or 50 percent.
Headbob while standing or sitting on horse is reduced nearly to 0%.

Player shadow and player animation speed are also reduced to the same amount as the headbob. 
This leads to a kind of slow motion look for shadow and player model.
You'll notice it only if you look down at your body while moving.

Although player animation speed is changed, the overall movement speed and footstep sound frequency stays the same as in vanilla game!
Have a look at video at bottom of the page.

Comparison of editions
10%      not noticable  very slow motion
30%      low            slow motion
50%      medium         slightly slower

I recommend to try first the 50% edition.
If you still feel problems with headbob try 30% or 10%

Mod-Mix angainst motion-sickness
Ther is also a compatible combination  of 3 mods against motion sickness, who use same files:
Disable Headbob + Instant Herb Picking by CryptLoad + Non Shaking Horse Mount

See gameplay video of combined mods:

1) Goto folder KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods
2) Copy there downloaded files with all subfolders
3) have fun with non shaking Henry :)

Compatible to all mods who don't change these files:

If you appreciate this mod I am happy about endorsement, thank you!

New in March 2020:
Disable Headbob LIGHT

If you only want to disable headbob while standing or sitting on horse you can try
Disable Headbob LIGHT
This mod does not have issues with slow motion shadow while moving, of cours it does not reduce headbob while moving.