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Increased by 15% the chances of random encounters and reduced 3 times their cooldowns from original game

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Subtle Random Encounters v.1.31

< Compatible with Kingdom Come Deliverance v.1.7.1 and v.1.7.2 >

- Increased by 15% the chances of random encounters from original game
- Reduced 3 times the cooldowns of random encounters from original game

These small tweaks should imply that you would see more random encounters than in Vanilla, but not as many as in other random encounters mods. If you know when these encounters will happen as they occur too often, they can't be called random but constant encounters, which kills immersion in my opinion.

The difference is that I have kept the random encounters weighting from the original game, but only trying to "subtly" increment their frequency so they still feel natural and the world is less empty/is not too overcrowded.

- Create a new folder called "Mods" within the path where Kingdom Come Deliverance was installed (e.g. C:\Games\Kingdom Come Deliverance)
- Extract the content of Subtle Random Encounters_1.31_KCD_v.1.7.1& to */Kingdom Come Deliverance/Mods folder

- Remove the folder zzz_SubtleRandomEncounters_1.31 from */Kingdom Come Deliverance/Mods folder

- This mod modifies random_event.xml (Data/Libs/Tables/random_event.xml):

--> Compatible with other gameplay overhaul mods that modify the same file through:

1) Making sure that zzz_SubtleRandomEncounters_1.31 folder within */Mods folder is alphabetically ordered after your preferred overhaul mod.
2) Replacing random_event.xml manually:
- Within */Mods folder, open through 7-Zip/WinRAR your "preferred overhaul mod" folder/Data/*.pak/Libs/Tables/
- Extract random_event.xml from Subtle Random Encounters_1.31_KCD_v.1.7.1& to the desktop, and drag this file to the previously 7-Zip/WinRAR opened window in *Mods/"your preferred overhaul mod" folder/Data/*.pak/Libs/Tables
- When asked about copying, select Yes to replace it.

--> Incompatible with other random encounters mods that modifies random_event.xml

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