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Prevents NPCs from over-reacting any time Henry gets a little too close for comfort.

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By default, NPCs will give a major vocal reaction whenever Henry even slightly bumps into them.

This mod changes that behavior so that a very light touch will cause no reaction. This includes you slowly walking into NPCs or vice-versa. Running into an NPC will cause a small reaction (usually a small grumble/grunt under their breath). The major reactions should now only happen if you somehow ram into an NPC while moving extremely fast. I don't know exactly how fast you have to go, or whether that value can be finely adjusted, but sprinting isn't enough and bumping into people while on horses comes with its own set of dialogue.

After starting my first play-through, this was the issue that bugged me the most during my first couple hours with the game. It was annoying walking at a leisurely pace around a village and having people scream profanities at me for barely brushing into their shoulder - or even worse, getting yelled at for minding my own business while they walk straight into me! After spending an evening fiddling around, I discovered how to mod this feature myself. More than that, after looking through the game's AI scripts I discovered that this behavior doesn't appear to be working how the game's developers intended it to, so I reported it to the dev team as a bug. Until it gets fixed officially however, I will leave my fix here to share with the community. Enjoy.

How to install:
If you are using Steam, download the provided zip file and extract the contents to the following folder: 
C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/KingdomComeDeliverance/Mods
If you don't have a Mods folder, just create one.


The Nexus User Croaker999 asked for a possibility of,

11 July 2019, 7:46PM
..., I would love to see a similar mod that prevents the Dog companion from howling
every 2 seconds. He seems to do this every time I enter a building and
wont stop until I come out. I can't imagine why WH thought this would be
something we would want.

For that work i need a savegame where the Dog is already in the party (active for following)
After reading the post i've did a fast/quick research and found some interesting code lines. Please send me (anyone) a savegame and i will try my best to eliminate that barks! Atm i still have no time (due of many other Projects and real life tasks) to play the game to that point.