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Displays in the Loot/Open/Steal button whether the content is empty or has already been opened. /
Zeigt beim Plündern/Öffnen/Stehlen-Button an, ob der Inhalt leer ist oder ob schon geöffnet wurde.
Compatible with DLC "From The Ashes".

Permissions and credits
Loot Info  - It's empty? Or have I already opened/looted?
by JC Denton (PaulDenton on Nexus)
Version   : 1.8.0
Date         : 2020/02/22
Category : User Interface

Displays in the Loot/Open/Steal button whether the content is empty or has already been opened.
This mod has the localizations:
English/French/Spanish/Italian/Polish/Czech/Chineses/Russian and German.

Already opened chests etc. (before this mod installed)
are not displayed as "searched" after installation.
You have to open it again, then the condition will be displayed correctly.
Zeigt beim Plündern/Öffnen/Stehlen-Button an, ob der Inhalt leer ist oder ob schon geöffnet wurde.
Diese Mod hat die Lokalisationen:
Englisch/Französisch/Spanisch/Italienisch/Polnisch/Tschechisch/Chinesisch/Russisch und Deutsch.

Bereits geöffnete Truhen etc. (vor der Installation dieser Mod)
werden nach Installation erstmal nicht als "durchsucht" angezeigt.
Du musst diese nochmal öffnen, dann wird der Zustand korrekt angezeigt.

* Can display "(dead)" or "(unconscious)" on the npc name.
* Anzeige "(tot)" oder "(bewußtlos)" im NPC-Namen.

Mod Dependencies
Kindom Come: Deliverance of course ;-) at least Version 1.8.1

(Only necessary if you have installed a mod that is in the incompatibility list.)

Manual install

Open the JCD_LootInfo-... zip, and extract all the content into your Mod folder
(e.g. Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods\)
If the mods folder is not exist, then create it.
Now the folder "steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods\" should contain
the folder "JCD_LootInfo".
Öffne die, und entpacke den kompletten Inhalt in deinen Mod-Ordner
Ist der Mods-Ordner nicht da, dann erstelle ihn neu.
Nun sollte sich in dem Ordner "steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods\"
der Ordner "JCD_LootInfo" befinden.

If you use CLAM together with my mod (Version < 1.2.0), then please also check CLAM for updates!

Manual uninstall
Delete the unpacked folder "JCD_LootInfo".
Lösche den entpackten Ordner "JCD_LootInfo".

Perkaholic and Perkaholic - German or other translations.
Perkaholic new patch compatible
Please download and install CLAM if you use my Mod together with one of these mods.

For all other Mods which change the following scripts:
Under \Data\Scripts\Entities\WH\Stash:

Under \Data\Scripts\Entities\AI:

Under \Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\Shared:

Under \Data\Libs\Localization:
If this file conflicts with another mod, which not exist in my Incompatibilities list,
then please report to me for a CLAM update.

ChangeLog "Loot Info"
[ v1.8.0 ] 2020/02/22
- Adapted to Game-Version 1.9.5

[ v1.7.0 ] 2019/02/15
- adapted to Game-Version 1.8.1
- fixed: Localization polish - change word "pusty" to "pusto" - reported by @Wiwra, thanks
- fixed: prevent the mounting of horses. - reported by @NiftyPower and @Cava1712, thanks
- fixed (hopefully):
  Containers and NPCs seem to keep their searched tag even after respawning. - reported by @FESilencer, thanks

[ v1.6.0 ] 2018/10/27
- adapted to Game-Version 1.7.1

[ v1.5.1 ] 2018/08/26
- 1.5.1 Now the mod can display "(dead)" or "(unconscious)" on the npc name.

[ v1.5.0 ] 2018/08/26
- Now the mod can also show "empty" on the "loot/open/steal" button when the content is empty.
- Adapted to Game-Version 1.6.2

[ v1.4.0 ] 2018/07/18
- Now the mod is compatible with DLC "From The Ashes".
  This fixes the bug "no writing in the ledger" from FLC "From The Ashes".
- Adapted to Game-Version 1.6

[ v1.3.4 ] 2018/06/09
- adapted to Game-Version 1.5

[ v1.3.3 ] 2018/04/25
- adapted to Game-Version 1.4.3

[ v1.3.2 ] 2018/04/10
- adapted to Game-Version 1.4.2

[ v1.3.1 ] 2018/04/08
- fixed wrong translated words of poilsh language

[ v1.3.0 ] 2018/04/04
- added loot info on npc's (male, female)

[ v1.2.0 ] 2018/04/04
- added loot info on animals (Hare, Cow etc.)

[ v1.1.1 ] 2018/03/31
- fixed wrong translated words of czech language

[ v1.1.0 ] 2018/03/30
- adapted to Game-Version 1.4.1

[ v1.0.3 ] 2018/03/30
- added Mod depency CLAM
- added chineses translation
- added czech translation
- added polish translation
- changed description

[ v1.0.2 ] 2018/03/26
- added spanish translation
- added italian translation
- added russian translation

[ v1.0.1 ] 2018/03/25
- added french translation
- added support for upcoming patch 1.4

[ v1.0.0 ] 2018/03/25
- Initial Release / Work in progress


War Horse Studios:
Thanks for this great Game.

Now in alphabetic order:

daJbot Pyros Software:
Thanks for Guidelines ReadMe and Description Page generator.

Thanks for looking after and updating my mod during my "absence"..

Thanks for the bug report and your help to send me necessary files for review.

Thanks for your help to send me necessary files for review.

War Horse Studios:
Thanks for your help finding the solution for the "empty" feature.


This mod is released under the Creative Commons License - CC BY-NC-SA
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