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Repair kits are longer-lasting but heavy and expensive.

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Repair Kit Overhaul

KCD 1.3 compliant

A simple mod that makes both large and small repair kits much longer lasting at the cost of making them expensive and bulkier.  Let me know what you think about the balance regarding expense to uses as I may update after some play-testing and feedback.

Possible Future Update:  What I ideally want to do is make the small kits work as they do in the vanilla game but have the large ones have unlimited use but be basically non-portable; in the 100 lb range.  The idea being that you have a sort of home shop that you can keep stored in your trunk at home but have to return there to use since it is in no way worth carrying on your horse.  What's holding it up is that I can find a way to give different base repair uses to the large and small kits separately.  The game seems to simply give the large ones a multiple of the base value allotted to the small kit.  If anyone knows how to get around this I would be grateful for the info.

Installation:  Extract archive into your KCD Mods folder.