Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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Makes Horses have matching stats at farms so players have choices of colour/names!

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Brown, Tan, Black, Grey or White; what will you choose? Purchase the horse you desire either from the name or the colour without having to worry about subpar performance.

What it does:
The stats for all the horses on a particular farm have all been changed to match one another. Their are 3 horse farms in the game and each farm specializes in offering a particular quality of mare. The peasants farm (low stats) is within Merhojed, the burgher farm (medium stats) resides near Uzhitz and the Nobles farm (maximum stats) is located in Neuhof.

Base Stats of the Horses (Merhojed, Uzhitz, Neuhof [Value changes with skills/equipment])
Speed: 36, 39, 42
Capacity: 244, 292, 340
Courage: 8, 14, 20
Stamina: 270, 390, 510
Price: It is calculated with a formula (I can't change) that sets price by horse attributes & player skill.

BUG: The Merchants still refer to the horses when browsing to purchase with their original Tier values. Do not worry as that doesn't affect the attributes of that horse and is something I can't change. You can verify this by walking around to the horses and checking the stats on them or by checking the purchase prices (as all the horse at that farm would have the same price due to having the same attributes).
POTENTIAL BUG: If you are pushing your rig to the threshold with the in game settings you may have rendering issues when sprinting around on a max stat horse which could cause you to get stuck, fall through the world, or CTD. Turn your game settings down if your rig can't keep up with the rendering tasks, esp. if you are using the HD textures pack!

COMPATIBILITY NOTICE: Download only one version of the mod. Version a is as described above while version b makes all the farms carry the stats from the Noble horse farm of Neuhof (max stat on all farm horses).

Fun Fact: Did you know the game has 36 different unnamed horses just called Horse!

Works Great with Equal Horse Caparisons for the Ultimate Customization of your trusted riding companion!