Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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Makes several changes to make the game a bit easier without becoming OP. Repair kits are tweaked, easier timers for perfect block and master strike, get hungry/sleepy slower, gain XP faster, that sort of thing. Alters a lot of things in the "RPG_Param" and "Perk_RPG_Param_Override" xml files, so it will conflict with some other mods. Ver 1.96!

Permissions and credits
Built with game version 1.96 and all the DLC installed.  Not sure if the DLC matters at all, but this mod definitely WILL NOT WORK for game version earlier than 1.93, and I'm not sure if it will work on 1.93 - 1.95 either!  Use at your own risk if your version is prior to 1.96.  I'm not a good enough modder to make custom edits if you run into problems with a different game version.

First of all, sorry if you were expecting to find some new dragons in this mod LOL.  Nexus requires at least one image uploaded to post a mod, but this mod really doesn't change anything that you can SEE in the game aside from a few boring numbers on the player info menu... so I threw in a cool picture of a dragon just as a place-holder so I can publish the mod.  it has nothing to do with anything.  Right then, moving on...

I made some tweaks to the game, hoping to give it a slightly easier balance for players who take a more casual approach to RPG (want to level-up faster and have easier fights while experiencing the story but don't want to become god-mode instantly).  All of these changes are incorporated into the two files "RPG_Param.xml" and "Perk_RPG_Param_Override.xml" so if you use other mods that affect those files I suggest merging them instead of loading them separately to avoid conflicts.  (Merging = editing the files with a program such as Notepad++ to incorporate ALL desired changes into a single file.) 

Here are the tweaks I made with this mod:

Your nourishment and energy meters will decrease more slowly, meaning you have to eat and sleep less often. (BETA testing currently)
Your clothing gets dirty slower, so you have to bathe less often (affects DIRT only, not blood).  (BETA testing currently)
Your dog has better morale and won't run away as often, won't misbehave for as long.
Your dog has a bigger radius for searching. (BETA testing currently)
Herbalism skill level has a bigger effect on the radius of herb picking (pick more herbs in one swipe at higher levels).
Repair kits are NOT unlimited/infinite but they can be used on any equipment and they will last considerably longer.
Combat is a bit easier: longer timer to succeed in perfect block and master strike moves.
It is a bit easier to aim with a bow (good for low-level archers).
Your stamina drains more slowly.
NPCs will block, perfect block, and master strike less often.  (Affects enemies and allies equally!)
"Reasonably but not OP" faster XP gained from every action.
Quests reward you with more groschen.
Starting carry weight extended so you don't have to worry so much about becoming overburdened.

Please take note:
These changes will affect the entire game balance.  No new items are added, no additional skills or perks are added, no changes are made to the visual or audio experience, no extra NPCs or quests are added, no item stats were edited, and no "player home" content is added.  It simply makes the "role-play" aspect of the game a bit easier - mostly so Henry doesn't feel like so much of a noob/slug in the early game.  I recommend starting from a new game, but it MIGHT work on a save-game, too.

I WILL NOT provide individualized modular versions of this.  All of these changes (or most of them at least) are already available as single packs from other modders, I'm sure you know how to use the SEARCH button on here.  This is offered as a package deal only, to make it easier for people who wanted a single mod that does a bit of everything.

Changes under investigation for version 1.1 in a future update:
Easier pickpocketing.
Easier (but still possible to fail) sharpening blades on a grindstone.
Easier Lockpicking (CONFIRMED WORKING - the lockpick lasts longer.  It's not invincible though, it will still break after a few seconds if you are not careful; this will be in the next update for sure).

Compatibility Notes:

Compatible with MOST other mods, as long as they DO NOT alter the two specified XML files!  Confirmed to be working fine with the following:
(Feel free to use the search function to look these up if you're curious; I'm not going to go find them all again just to put HTML tag in here, sorry!)

Miller Guild Items (with edits so it functions as PTF for game version 1.96, see the discussion comment from Aranis777 for more info).
Horse Tack Fixes (fixes saddle durability problems and makes most horse equipment more realistic/functional)
Barding (adds new armor for horses)
Fishing in Bavaria (I have not tried fishing yet but the game doesn't crash on loading LOL)
Easy To See Herbs (gives mint and another couple of nearly-invisible herbs a bit more color so they stand out more in the grass)
Bianca's Ring (OP version of the ring you gave to Bianca, almost makes you a god)
Gear Collection (big database of a certain modder's many new armor sets and weapons)
Greedy Alchemist (makes more potions each time you use a recipe)
Inheritance (gives a few more items at the start of the game, from an extra chest in Henry's mom's storage room)
Instant Herb Picking (shorter animation on herb picking so it doesn't feel so slow)
Light Armor Fix (non-plate armor types got corrected so they don't register in-game as plate armor anymore)
Exact Money Display (rather than showing crazy meaningless figures once you get over a million groschen saved up)
any of the Clock/HUD/compass mods (there are a few of these available, to change how your clock, compass, HP/Stamina bars, and perk icons look)
Unlimited Saving, or any mods that alter how Savior Schnapps work
Inventoried (a mod that changes item names to make it easier to sort things in your personal stash, saddlebags, etc. - there is even a companion to this that does the same thing for the items created by the Gear Collection mod!)
Perkaholic (adds the polearm skill back to the game, also adds several new options for perks on various skills) 
Richer Merchants (makes all merchants carry more gold - works from NEW GAME in Skalitz too!)

KNOWN CONFLICTS with these mods, unless you merge the xml files into a single one first, because they basically try to do the same thing (there may be other mods that conflict as well):
Easy Combat,
Easier Combat,
Robin Hood
Ultimate Repair Kit,
Herb Gathering Increased Radius,
The Master Pickpocket
Unlimited Weight
Stay Clean Longer, Stay Clean, A Clean Bastard, etc
More XP