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Increases the radius around you in which you gather herbs, resulting in more herbs gathered at once.

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Hello everyone! I haven't played the game in a long time and, in consequence, haven't updated the mod.
User m0nster has graciously taken up that task, so I suggest you download his updated mod:

Increased Herb Gathering Radius

Thank you!

By default, when gathering herbs, there's a very small radius around you in which every herb of the same type as the one you are gathering gets picked up as well.

This mod increases that radius by 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 times (choose only one version).
This is intended as a quality of life improvement, because gathering herbs is a very tedious and not fun activity, thanks to the long and unskippable animation.

It should be noted that the bigger the radius, the more this mod transforms from a convenience mod to a cheat mod. For example, if using the 100x version, you might end up gathering 1-2k (or even more) dandelions at once. It's easy to see how this could become very exploitable in combined with a mod that increases the weight you can carry and one that increases the amount of silver a merchant has.

EDIT: User fireundubh noted that this setting acts as both a range and a quantity multiplier. So it will increase the range in which you gather, but it will also give you more herbs than you would get by manually picking. It's hard to test if this is actually the case, but it does appear so.

Speaking of which, this mod will conflict with current "increase carry weight" mods, because it edits the same file inside the Tables.pak
As a matter of fact, it will conflict with any mods that modify that file (rpg_param.xml).

If you want to use both mods, you'll have to manually edit either one of them.

Extract this (or that) mod with an archiver (7zip, winrar, etc) and navigate to the "rpg_param.xml". Open this file in a text editor (notepad, notepad++, etc) and edit one of the following lines (depending on which mod you're editing):

weight mod - line 56:
<row rpg_param_key="HerbGatherSkillToRadius" rpg_param_value="0.25" />
(change the number in brackets with the desired radius - for example, the x50 version changes this number to 12.5)

this mod - line 30:
<row rpg_param_key="BaseInventoryCapacity" rpg_param_value="66" />
(change the number in brackets with the weight carry capacity you want)

Of course, you can just edit this mod and change the radius to any value you want, even if not using another mod.

After you've edited the xml file, navigate back to the top folder (just above the "Libs" folder) and compress the Libs folder to a zip archive. You want to ensure that this archive gets loaded after the games main files, so change the name of the archive to "zzz_mod_name" and the extension from "zip" to "pak".
Also note that a mod named "zzz_xyz.pak" will overwrite a mod named "zzz_abc.pak" if both edit the same file. The last mod sorted alphabetically will always be the one affecting the game.

Lastly, copy the mod to the "Data" folder inside the game's main folder.

I hope these instructions were clear enough.